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 Video help file. 1 Peco double slip  

To understand how to work a double slip please take time and keep watching this video,with the sound on, until it becomes clear, we hope it will help you. Pat and Graham.

Our next help video will be on how to use a 3 way point.

after the 3 way, we will produce how to instal both units.

If you have a problem and think a video would help PLEASE let us know.( model railway only).

The CLUB is here to help any one so come on and ask.

Double Heading.

We have been asked to show how to setup a double heading with the first loco going forward and the second in reverse.

Step 1 On the Master Controller enter .... LOCO... 1... LOCO...2.. ENTER R ( Loco 1 and 2 should be your loco numbers)

If the controller says loco not in register then re-enter ...LOCO...1 ENTER R and Then LOCO...2.. ENTER R.

now go back to step 1.

Step 2 Put LOCO 2 onto the programming track.

Step 3 press ... PRESET... LOCO....29... ENTER R. (this is to read cv 29)

Step 4 take the answer and add 1 or sub 1, to give an odd number. (this will set the loco to reverse).

Step 5 to reset cv 29 press ...PRESET...LOCO...29...PRESET... your answer... ENTER R...ENTER R

Step 6 put loco 2 back onto your main track set to be the other way round to loco 1.

Step 7 from your main controller call up loco 1 put into gear and open the regulator the pair should move together.

PLEASE NOTE if you use two different types of loco you may have to balance the other cv to match the pair.

The Video shows a pair pannier tanks working under the above setup.

hope you enjoy.

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