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This module is based on 1 day only. (2hrs). COST £20.00. plus chip.

1 Types of chip.

2 Methods of fitting

3 Pro and con of each method

4 Testing the loco before fitting

5 Getting into the loco or tender

6 Testing the chip

7 Test fitting the chip before you cut the existing wiring

8 The full fit

9 Test and program (base set only).

10 Track test.

This module is designed for beginners and to be a starting point as a good foundation for many years of railway modelling fun and enjoyment

Each section of this module will be about 10 minutes with Q & A at the end of each.

As information overload can be a problem you will be given a copy of the notes to take home and keep.

This Module is set to fit 1 chip into your own loco you should agree the type of chip you require at the time of booking.

During this Module you will be shown DCC ready and how to fit non DCC ready loco's also you will be shown 6 pin, chip 8 pin chip and 21 pin chip also a sound chip.

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