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Modules at TTMRC

LIST BELOW of each module

1 Beginners steps to building a layout.

2 Designing a layout with AnyRail.

3 Designing a baseboard

4 Tracklaying.

5 Soldering. stage 1 beginner

6 Soldering. stage 2 other ways

7 Wiring a layout for DCC

8 Wiring a layout for DC

9 Care and loco maintenance.

10 Fitting DCC Chips into a loco. 3 ways.

11 Design a building from scratch and build it.

12 Layout scenery plan and build

13 Tree building with Pat.


We have decided to change the way we approach teaching at the club.

We have tried to work in elements of teaching into our general meetings and this has not been successful, so we propose a change.

All teaching will be set into modules and tailored for the member or non member, the member or non member will request to do a module and agree the time to do the module at the club but out of club hours, day time or evening, each session will be maximum of 2hrs.

Members will Not be asked to pay for any element or module.

Non Members will be welcome to book for any module and the fee will be agreed before the module is started. All materials used will be the pupils to take home at the end of the module. Fees will depend on the module but will start from £20.00. per session on a one to one basis.

Further info or to book a module call Graham on 01823 327155

9am to 9pm any day except Wednesdays.

We will add further details of each module as soon as possible

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