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This module is based over 2 days

Due to time the design will be from or base plans.

Should you wish to design your own building then this will take much longer and you should refer to module number 14.

Day 1 

1 Introduction to model building construction.

2 Introduction to building design as your building must stand up and look as if it had been built.

3 Set the design on the computer. (Any rail).

Day 2

1 Form your building 

This module is designed for beginners and to be a starting point as a good foundation for many years of railway modelling fun and enjoyment

Each section of this module day 1 will be 10 and 30 minutes with Q & A at the end of each.Day 2 will be for the building.

As information overload can be a problem you will be given a copy of the notes to take home and keep.

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