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News 2023. 12th July

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came on Mon 3rd to help with the lifting of Yeovil East. Great job.

From this

To this

To this. Fixed in place and the work has started.

News 2023. 21st June

Decisions have been made! Yeovil East must have the point motors rewired before the Southern shed extension is built. So the club will have to close for non-members for about 6 weeks to allow for the Yeovil East section to be lifted onto it's side and the rewiring to take place. (He is too old to get underneath!). The lifting will be done on Mon July 3rd, so if members and friends would make themselves available for about  12 noon at the club on that day, that would be wonderful, (tea, biscuits and grateful thanks will be provided).

News 2023. 25th May

The thoughts about an extension to Yeovil East has gone down well and the plan has been produced on Anyrail. There are a few jobs to be finished before that can be started so opening on Wednesdays over the summer could be a good way to move everything on.

Ne​ws 2023. 27th April

Thoughts about the lack of space for Southern locos in Yeovil East has led to ideas about another extension!

News 2023, 18th April

 At this weeks meeting, there was a good running session in the morning which through up a couple of anomalies. So, in the afternoon, some work was undertaken on the wiring which hopefully, will  have corrected the problem. Ah, electronics, definitely a black art, (the Wizard thinks he has got it right this time!)

News 2023, 3rd April

A busy meeting at which we were delighted to welcome new members to the club and to enjoy a visit from a member's young Grandson.

News 2023, 6th March

Today we said goodbye to one of our longest servicing and loyal members as he and his wife are moving to the 'wild north'. Wishing you, Mike and Glenys, all the best for your new life on Mull.

News 2023, 2nd Feb

Very enjoyable meeting on Monday. Good to see everyone dressed for the cold weather, but with the heaters pushing up the temperature by 12°F, it was nearly a case of stripping off again! The layout ran well despite the cold and damp and the new distribution shed was ceremoniously placed in its area.

News 2022, 19th Dec

Ducks have arrived on the pond at Woodlane Cottage.

News 2022, 4th Dec 

A few weeks ago we had an exciting visit from an 8-year-old, a very nice young man and a credit to his parents. His grasp of DCC running and the handling of the locos was superb. We all enjoyed the day very much and look forward to more visits.

The lighting has been installed in the distribution shed so the final part, the building of the roof, is underway. Should be completed by the New Year. The turntable is undergoing a complete overhaul, so we are using the triangle to turn the locos. Makes for interesting running. The locos that need turning are held until there are three of them. Permission has to be obtained for the move as it uses the main line. The locos then run in reverse to the holding roads, forwards into Pen Hill and reverse into Yeovil East. Then they are ready to take out the next trains. 

News 22, 24th Oct​

I am beginning to find my way around the website but the hosts do not make this easy!

We have had some new members join over the last few months, welcome and hope you enjoy the club.

We have made some changes to the Pen Hill yard area, ready for the new distribution shed to be installed when Pat has finished fussing over it. She asked me to help fix the lighting in the shed and then through a wobbly because I needed to drill a couple of holes, only little ones, honest!

The restoration of Woodlane Cottage has been completed and it has been replaced. 

  • However, this week the cottage was removed again as alterations were made to the turntable area. As the turntable support had become very weak, we have removed the old sundeala and replaced it to give better support. At the same time a new loco stand has been added alongside the Southern shed. The loco fleet has grown since Feb with the addition of 8 locos, the majority of which are Southern locos. The turntable will be modified slightly too.

NEWS 22 .   20th. February.

This year has been very hard for many reasons,


First:   This web site has been moved to a new host, not  good, but I had no say, the new system has been very hard to get into and hard to access.

Second: The Clubroom has had a condensation problem on the roof giving rain showers on the layout.

GOOD news

 We hope to move on with work on the layout, the lift bridge first.

This work will be done as soon as I can and will be starting this Sunday 20th.



We have been very busy over the last few weeks, some progress, some setbacks and some real fun.

Progress. Yes we have started the track changes ready for the L.M.S. extension from platform 1 Pen Hill station.

Setbacks. O yes we have a big set back on the lift bridge, one side of the track moved by 2mm so it no longer works. The reset is under way but it will take about 3 weeks or so.

FUN. Running trains from Pen Hill area to Yeovil East. Everybody was flat out and having fun, good to see. 



First, sorry for the delay in posting this update, things have been up and down and the website has been moved but I hope you will see no change.

Progress has been made on the loo's new floor, its almost the right size and will be installed  soon as  we can.

FUN,  trains have been running well and many more wagons have been fitted with KADEE, and a service has made them run well.

 UPDATES,  SUNDAYS we are open to all from 10.30 to 4pm .


NEWS 21st. MAY.

We have reopened!!!

REMEMBER the temporary rules!

* Book your seat (01823 428829 before 9pm SUNDAYS OR ON THE DAY 01823 480364 10.30 TO 3PM)

* 2m + mask

* join us and have fun.

We have enjoyed the first run of 2021 and have much to do in the next few months, years!

First views of the layout extension plan were received well.

This plan includes an L.M.S. station and loco yard with a L.M.S. working coaling plant and a 3 way junction, if you need more info come and see the plan. The work will start as soon as the mezzanine floor is installed.

Ps. yes I do need help! please please.

The new loo is work in hand. 

NEWS 13th. MAY.



TO BOOK RING 01823 428829 BEFORE



NEWS 7th. MAY.



01823 428829.


GOOD news we will reopen the club ON MONDAY 17TH MAY 2021

We will be using an appointment system.

If you want to attend please call Graham with the times, eta and your departure,

to book you in. We can only have 3 members in the club at a time plus Pat and I

The system will give all a chance to attend and enjoy!

YOU can book up to 9pm SUNDAY night on

01823 428829 ( new club number).

The club will be open from 10.30am to around 4pm.


Re the News 25th Mar, I was trying to upload a new video but, because of covid, every thing is very slow. The video has not made it to my phone store so my attempts to upload have been a waste of time! I will try to remake the video next week and may be I will have more luck then.

The club reopeningmay happen on the 17th May 2021. We will still have to mask and 2m apart will still apply, but safety is the rule.


Please let us know if you will be attending and your eta and departure times so we can arrange so we are not over run. 


Good News day 117 still improving but very slow!

We have been to the Club and offer this video as prof 


Good news, Good news We are getting better. This is day 73 for me and I am beginning to feel much better, but still very low on stamina.

To members who have also had Covid I wish you well, get well soon.

NEW YEAR 2021.



Last year was a ?, I will pass on that.

This year will be much better ( may be ) so to the plan for 2021:-

1. complete the loo upgrade.

2. build the mezzanine floor.

3. move kitchen and library up stairs.

4. set up work station tray stand.

5. enjoy our layout with the new extension.


I am pleased to report that Pat and I are improving. We have been to the club to check it out, all was ok. THE TRAINS want to be run. 

As we have lock down, which we agree with for our own good, the club will remain closed until we can open safely !!!

We have been very lucky to have come through covid, it was NOT a lot of FUN.

If we can find a safe way to open we will contact all members by phone.

Todays work pictures on club news page update 08.11.20.

Can YOU see the change?

NEWS 6th. NOVEMBER 2020. 





GWR stands for ?...... ANSWER....grahams wonderful railway.  




As the trains are working well please come and enjoy our last chance to have a run together either this Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

NEWS 23rd.OCTOBER 2020 revised 31.10.

WORKING WITHIN THE COVID LAWS, we are back running trains and its wonderful! Pat and I have spent many hours cleaning the track and fixing a few probs. Last Wednesday many trains were run all round the layout even over the lift bridge, there may be some adjustments to make here but NO big jobs.

Working with covid means that we are keeping 2m apart so max number at one time is 6. 


We have been hard at the work list.

Rebuilding the wall is going to be finished today.

Next Wednesday will be the last members open day until the 14th as we are going for a REST hope to see you TODAY or WEDNESDAY. 

NEWS 13th.SEPTEMBER 2020. 

NEWS from the work zone. Today, Sunday, we have removed the timber cladding ready to cut the new doorway for the loo and workshop. The door moves away from where the loo is now to give more room for the new chamber. On Monday we hope to cut the block work for the new doorway.

We are slowly tiding up the club room, maybe, hopefully, we will be able to run the trains again soon.

NEWS 19th.AUGUST 2020.

NO GOOD NEWS from H.M.G. so I have been working through the 'jobs to be done' list. I have removed the loo screen wall in the corner and resited the power points while leaving the boxes on the top of the loo area in place... well there is no room for anything else on the floor! So far all going well. Next, the kitchen unit which was against the loo wall needs to be moved to line up with the others against the outside wall. All the jobs are taking far longer than they should as every job seems to be a 3 way job, move things away, do the job and then putting the things back or in a new home.

We have been given many boxes of books which Pat is working through to catalogue, any second copies will be sold with the money going towards the cost of the new floor over Yeovil East. When the club room is tidy maybe we can have 2 members at a time to have a look and a chat. The kitchen is not working at the moment so we cannot offer tea or coffee but I will be doing my best to rectify that as soon as possible. I will be phoning all members over the next few days.

NEWS 28th.JULY 2020.

We are trying to improve (and clear) the club room by removing the corner store to give more room in the kitchen and work area. The over store area is being extended to join up with the new upper floor area to be built later, ALSO THE LOO will be getting a make over. A new temp store will be used to hold stuff that is in the way of this work. If you can give a hand this Monday 3rd Aug we would be delighted to see you, please phone Graham to let him know if you are available. We will make a start about 11am.

NEWS 12th.JULY 2020.

Lock down has been lowered but over 70's are still advised to wear a face mask and stay 1m apart but outide.


If all goes well then 2m inside with mask should be ok.



Our Landlord has agreed to our improvement plan for the loo. Work will, I hope, be complete by the 3rd Aug.  


All the track will have to be cleaned before we can run, plus removing the old loo wall inside the club room.

NEWS 15th.MAY 2020.

WE may be able to meet again if we can stay 2m. apart. Well, this is a thought, 1 member at control point 1, 1 at the Yeovil East end in the main row, 1 in each end of the middle, 1 at the kitchen/ repair area total number is 5 How do you feel about that as a way to get back to having a run? Note tea coffee and them bics will be taken as we stay in our own areas. Let me have your thoughts. Start time 11am going to 4pm this will be MEMBERS ONLY meeting NO none members will be allowed in. Members to say if meetings will be every week or every two weeks. THIS IS IF/WHEN GOV UK GIVES THE AMBER LIGHT.

NEWS 19th.APRIL 2020.

The 16th April was the last meeting of the Club and a very good meeting it was. However the 'bug' came around and put an end to our fun! Weeks have past since then and soon, in the next 2 months we may reopen or maybe not until the winter?

We have been keeping in touch by phone and will continue to do so. Some of us have been gardening but not Pat and I, we have be working on the phone and i have been repairing controllers, we have never been so busy.

I hear some have been working on their layouts, well it's a very good way of entertaining ourselves.

If you have any news that is uplifting please send it to me to share here.

WE will all meet again some sunny day or, more likely, a wet one.


March has some good news, well just a bit. First, the lift bridge has the lower level working but with a 10 mph speed limit.. A big move forward, some new members had never seen the layout working other than as three termini! That's all over and trains will now be running as per the plan, ie. Southern going via Pen Hill to London (holding roads) and G.W. going North to Bristol and the North or London (holding roads) and return to Yeovil East via Pen Hill. The Palethorpes service will restart very soon.

New working rules for the holding roads.

1 GWR trains will run into and wait in holding roads 1, 2 & 3 only.

2 Southern trains will run into and wait in holding roads 5,6,7 & 8 and be turned. ie. loco uncoupled and turned on turntable then returned to it's train at the other end to go back to Pen Hill station, This is the return from London, using Pen Hill Platform 1 only.

3 Loco tokens to be held at the loco end of the train.

4 All movements from the holding roads to Pen Hill station will be driven by holding road staff (if they have time).

This should make running quite fun and even up the amount of work in the two areas.

I will be back with more regular news soon. 

NEWS 29th. December 2019.

News has been forgotten by me and I am sorry.

Since the last report progress has been slow and I have been out of sorts for the last few weeks, but I'm feeling better and with some new members 2020 is looking good from here.

We have two new Southern brake vans so Southern freight can run. The lift bridge is waiting for the track bed to be installed, this will be fitted as soon as we can. The bridge and power system are working well after some initial connection problems. The system is designed to control the power to the track from 1m either side of the bridge to stop any runaways going down the hole if the bridge is not in place.

2020 will see the bridge finished and work continue on the branch and the Penn Hill, the track mod in the south yard and many more restoration jobs. Track laying, scenic work, maybe even the new back scene for Yeovil East, o yes and repair to the ceiling. and I hope not to need many more days off!

Thanks to all the members for your support during the last year, if you have a friend who may enjoy our hobby then please bring them along. We wish all who read this a Happy New Year.  

NEWS 14th.. OCTOBER 2019.

Rain, wind but we are open as usual looking forward to seeing you soon.

Club had a good day last Monday with lots of members and many trains running, the system worked well. We enjoyed a visit from a Dad and two youngsters who enjoyed having a drive.

Wood lane cottage has had it's new hedges and Pat is making some new trees to be sited in front of the turntable to form a tree tunnel ( see Exmoor lanes).

NEWS 3rd. OCTOBER 2019. a postcard

LIVE from Woolacombe, sun, sea and sleep, it's wonderful. NO phones NO jobs, just a good rest. Here the weather is not a problem. If it rains and the sea is rough we watch the waves and surfers falling off their boards. If the sun comes out then we sleep or watch the ships go past, 8 ships yesterday.

JUST A REMINDER we will be back OPEN on SUNDAY see you all then, P and G

NEWS 8th. SEPTEMBER 2019. 

We hope the change will be good for all members as the trial is over and we are now open SUNDAYS and MONDAYS. Club members and nonmembers are very welcome on both days, Please remember that we will not conduct any Taunton Controls Business on Mondays as this is our day off.

Many a change has been made to the power supply after installing the new distribution board, we are all up to date now power wise.

The lift bridge is waiting for the new track we hope it wont take to long for the donations to build up with my pension LOL.


Sunday am, the weights have been attached and it works yesssssssss!

only the track to install now!

NEWS 21 AUGUST 2019.

OK so you thought that the lift bridge was a figment of my imagination.

Well it seemed that way to me but seeing is believing so have a good look. Today we have made a big jump forward but still some way to go to finish. 

NEWS 18 AUGUST 2019.

After the first week of 3 days of meetings we would be pleased to revive your feed back.

SUNDAY MONDAY & WEDNESDAY Meetings had members attending all sessions, some came twice.

THIS is a big decision, your views are very important to us, so let us have your thoughts.

NEWS 03 AUGUST 2019.

This is the month we make some big changes to our meeting day, from Wednesdays to Mondays. The first Monday will be the 12th August and during August we will hold meetings on Mondays AND Wednesdays with the final chat about changeover the week of the 25 August to agree if we change or not.

In the clubroom the lift bridge has made some progress and the bridge is now at the stage to be assembled and then the weights and cords can be fixed.

We have had to make some wiring repairs to the layout and the next job will be the turntable adjustments.

NEWS 25th JULY 2019.

During the last few weeks we have been asking the members about changing club day and night. If you have not given your opinion then PLEASE contact Graham as soon as possible.

The lift bridge has made some progress and this Sunday may see a big step forward, I hope.

The Carnforth coaling plant has been left for me to repair and add some tlc.

During the last few meetings we have run many trains and during the next meetings we will have to carry out some track & loco maintenance.

NEWS 2nd JULY 2019.

Thanks to the membership for holding the fort during Pat's day.

I had hoped that Sunday would be fine but not a chance, maybe tomorrow, let's hope so, the lift bridge is holding up layout progress and need to be finished.

New track laying at the bridge end, then it will need to be wired and tested to check that the bridge will control both the bridge approaches .

NEWS 21st. JUNE 2019.

Summer we are told will be this Friday and Saturday, such a shame, I will miss the good weather as i will be on site, but with some good luck Sunday will be dry so I hope to get on with the lift bridge.

Last Wednesday Pat had her 70th. We did not say a thing about her youngsters coming to visit the club before going on to lunch and then back to finish the day with fresh cream chocolate sponge yum. 

NEWS 16th. JUNE 2019.

Well here we are in June and the weather is so summer for the UK.

Our visit to Culm Valley mrc today, was well worth our late start, their new layout has the makings of a great show stopper.

Tiverton Junction around 1948, the work so far is very good and if you have not seen it yet do not miss it next time out. We hope it will be on show at their next exhibition in Willand village hall, Saturday 21st September 2019. details from

Our news, the lift bridge is moving forward but slowly, a dry day would help.  

NEWS 26th. MAY 2019.

WE have a question for ALL members. "Do we meet on the best day or would a change be better for YOU ?" Please let us know which would be the best day for YOU. After we have your answers we can have a poll to find the best day for ALL.

NEWS 12th. MAY 2019.

It was lovely to have the door open with the sun heating up around the club room. Inside. between visitors. we were working on track cleaning and loco chip resetting. The reset is to improve the control and running of the locos. On testing this has proved to be good and the reset of the rest of the locos will be done in due course.

The new terrier loco is working well and has good performance for such a small loco, well done Hornby. 

NEWS 2nd. MAY 2019.

A few shots of 2662 the new loco in the Southern fleet.

The small but mighty Southern Terrier ready for duty on Yeovil East.

NEWS 21st. APRIL 2019.

Easter Sunday, the sun is out and maybe the lift bridge will be worked on today.

The last 14 days have been busy and lots of small jobs in the club-room have been done. Temporary frog switches have been fitted in the holding roads to name one.

Easter Monday report.

The lift bridge was worked on and good progress has been made. It is always good to see members on a Sunday not just the public as all are very welcome.   

NEWS 14th. APRIL 2019. 

During the past 14 days many things have happened but not on the lift bridge. We have had many walkers pop in and have a look, 15 in one visit is about the limit for the clubroom but it's good to see so many, thanks for having a look.

Cold wet and windy is not good for working on the lift bridge outside, I was hoping for some sun today but the icy wind has put that plan out of order.

Last week our friend from Boston UK came to stay and on Tuesday we made a visit to the West Somerset, had a pleasant day but it was very cold. Wednesday we spent at club and Thursday a trip down to South Devon Railway. the train trip was enjoyable but at the same price as West Somerset, not such good value. We also were tempted in the West Somerset shop they hold a good stock!

NEWS 27th MARCH 2019

Work has begun on the lift bridge, as with the supports this work will take some time but progress is being made. Last week Pat and I went to West Wales to investigate a problem on a friend's layout, The problem was many shorts when trains ran on the main line. After an investigation we tracked the fault to the diamond crossing that had not been fully wired. I will post the methods on 'how to wire crossings' very soon on the help page.

Today meeting was well attended and the visitors and members all enjoyed the day with lots of trains being run. 

NEWS 17th MARCH 2019.

The parts for the lift bridge were collected yesterday and we look forward to building the bridge as soon as we can.

Train operation has been interesting with many new movements which have given the Pen hill operator some challenges to keep the trains ready

NEWS 10th MARCH 2019.

Good news, last Wednesday's meeting saw many train movements and goods shunting in "Yeovil East" yard. The lack of the lift bridge has raised some new and interesting movements which will be retained even when the lift bridge is working.

News on the lift bridge we are still held up in the workshop. 

NEWS 2nd MARCH 2019.

As with all good plans things can go astray and they have, the workshop has not yet managed to do our job. HOWEVER we may get it Tuesday, maybe, so we will work on the lift bridge as soon as we have the parts and the rain stops.

Last week we enjoyed several good running sessions, the members were driving with Pat and I setting the routes up.

We do hope that the main line will be back into operation soon as 3 termini is fun but has problems.

NEWS 20th. FEBRUARY 2019. 

GOOD NEWS the plan of the lift bridge is in the workshop so should be with us end of next week. Sunday week we can start the build. at last!!!!!!!!!!!.

NEWS 11th. FEBRUARY 2019. 

Who stole January, well it's gone and if I do not look sharp February will pass before we notice it . January has not seen any big changes to the layout but the new plan of track work has been printed and can be seen at the club. I must confess to a brain block over the plan for the new lift bridge but must get on with it very soon if not sooner. Our new member is making good progress with learning the roads, "Yeovil East area". We lost a Sunday to the snow but we hope all will be set fair from now on.

Progress on the lift bridge has been very slow but I hope over the next 2 weeks to push it on so we can return to standard working as soon as possible.  

NEWS 19th. JANUARY 2019.

Taken at the club.

Taken on site so you can see the Ashford Works Heritage Centre as it is today.

I will add updates as the work progresses.

Many of you will have seen this building being formed at the club and I thought that you would care to see it's new home location.

This week at club many trains were run and this track test has proved that a small adjustment is required to the inner loop from the holding roads to Penn Hill.

The problem is buffer lock between tender and first carriage, as this only affecting the Spam Cans, I think that a longer kadee may be the fix.

NEWS 15th. JANUARY 2019.

Well the new year has started with good membership attendance and lots of visitors, hopefully this will bring some new younger members to balance the age thing. We do not have ageist tendencies here but wish to encourage all to enjoy this wonderful hobby. You will be welcome to come and try to drive a train on our layout, it takes many hands to run the layout, come and have a go, its free and lots of fun.

NEWS 9th. JANUARY 2019.

2019 A New year and farewell to 2018, the year every one was bored with brexit and petrol went to an all time high. It's over so let it go. The new year has a good feel so far, we are warm here in the club room .

OUR first task will be to complete the lift bridge.

Next will be the new track laying to the bridge.

After that connect the branch at both ends.

Beyond that will be a full track test , and then build Pen Hill, a bit of scenic work for all to join in.

NEWS 23th. DECEMBER 2018.

The mince pies are almost over and the holidays are just about to start. We have closed the club until Wednesday the 2nd of January 2019. We have been pleased that so many members have been able to drop in and enjoy the mince pies with us.

2019 is fast approaching and in the new year we will be introducing many new features. Recently we have been staying at the club all day and this will be the basis of an open door policy for the winter months. Open from 10.30am until 8pm but if demand is there we will stay open until 10pm.

A new plan for 2019 will be talked through with members before we post it. The lift will be the first project to complete and then the Branch will return to life.

Other projects will be open to talk through with all members before any further posts are made here.

We now wish all who read this post a Happy New Year. Pat and Graham.


Our first MINCE PIE meeting this year has been welcomed by the members.

Wednesday meetings were interesting and some good thoughts came out of the talks. Some ideas for next year to further develop the club to improve the working space.

You will all be pleased to learn that this may include some tidying up and some throwing out ! more about that later.

We all had a good run with the layout working as 3 terminus stations while the bridge section is not in place.

The next and last MINCE PIE meeting this year will be this Sunday.       

  So come and join us.

10.30 to 3.30.


NEWS 13th. DECEMBER 2018.

A very good day at club with members helping members to get to grips with "Yeovil East" area and how the system works. Many trains were run from the terminus to "Pen Hill" and the holding roads. The branch track has been relayed over the bridge to Wood Lane, but when service will restart ?, answers on a post cards please.

Next week we will be staying at the club straight through from 10.30, so you can drop-in any time up to 8pm after that we may go home.(mince pie meeting).

NEWS 2nd. DECEMBER 2018.

I have said that I would bring some photos of the changes to the layout. This shows the new point into the carriage sidings without going onto the main.


This shows the work that Pat is doing to refurbish Wood Lane Cottage, note the new timbering being planted onto the model.


Shows the work on the mark 3 liftbridge


This photo shows the new storage sidings installed off the holding roads.

NEWS 24th NOVEMBER 2018.

We had our first cold, misty day, also flu jabs so we were not working too well.

We had two meetings this Wednesday, the first time for several weeks, the yard light seems to be working well.

Pat has started to add the timbering to Wood Lane Cottage and it's looking good. The track lift plan and survey proved that one side is not plum and will need to be refitted, a small set back but I hope that on Sunday this will be put right.

We have the free paper in stock so come and collect yours. 

NEWS 18th NOVEMBER 2018.

Last Wednesday we had a good turn out of members and they moved stock from Yeovil East back to the Holding roads so we can tidy up Yeovil East before we start to work trains again. This Sunday we showed members how to program and reset loco chips, and had a tidy up, the settee is now available to sit on again! I am still hoping that the track will be working before Christmas but the time seems to go so fast. That TV program has finished and I feel that although any showing on tv is good it was a poor view of our hobby, I think that a better format would be the Grand design format 'Model Railway Grand Design' spread over years not 3 days.

NEWS 11th NOVEMBER 2018.

Today We remembered why so many gave all four

us to live in our own land.




Pat has complete her renovations of the goods shed today.

I have completed the sidings with power connected by members last week and tested and working today.

Point to be switched and then the west end of the holding roads will be complete. Then the branch can be reinstalled.


We are pleased to welcome another new member to the club.

During the last few meetings we have been working on the track at the east end of the holding road area and this track needs to be wired up. The two sides for the lift bridge have been test fitted and seem to be ok. My next job is to draw the plan of the lift bridge. The plan will give the board suppliers the sizes to cut the required elements for the new bridge, their equipment is capable of square and straight cutting, this is essential for the build of the new bridge.

I hope to bring you some photos in the next post.

NEWS 24th OCTOBER 2018.

Today we have managed to get the two side panels for the mark 3 lift bridge cut and rebated, with help from members and friends, I need to thank you all very much.

This new simple design will I hope to be the final design before we can make this available for others. We already have an order for the first unit to be supplied. 

NEWS 16th OCTOBER 2018.

A few days away for a good rest and until Thursday night it was a wonderful rest, but that storm wrecked all the good work we had put into resting with only 2 hrs sleep during the night. The wind and rain was very strong and loud.

The drive home was wet over the moor but without any holdups until we reached Norton camp, tree across the road, but we are home safe.

Sunday was a day for working on the trackwork at the far end of the holding roads. The first new double slip was installed and the alignment of the next has been set out ready for when the new pointwork arrives.

Some jobs that need to be done in the meantime:-

From the master plan all points need to be numbered.

Point motors need to be fitted and tested.

The lift bridge needs to be built and installed.

Some locos need a service and chips installed.

Check the under layout storage and organise into zones so we can find things when required LOL.

That's just a few jobs to be getting on with before the track is ordered.

The lift bridge, I will need some help with and a dry day! I proposed to form the the lift bridge from one of those big sheets in the blue store, any offers?

NEWS 27rd. SEPTEMBER 2018.

The work at the club has gone on a pace, even without a list , I am still trying to form the list,.

We have extended Pen Hill baseboard, the point motors at Wood Lane junction are almost ready for testing.

The next big job will be the lift bridge and frame, first I must produce a working drawing after that i will make the list we are all waiting for to complete the jobs.

NEWS 23rd. SEPTEMBER 2018.

I had hoped to bring you some video of this week's works but my old windows phone has said "no, i'm full", so here is a temporary picture just for you.

So i will try again next time i am at the club.

Progress was made on Sunday, all three roads from Wood Lane into the holding roads were connected and are working.

I am still having a problem getting the list of jobs onto paper, but I will keep trying.   


Job 3 to extend the holding road section by 4 inches has been done and the turntable has been reinstalled. The list of jobs is still in my head but seems not to want to show itself yet. I will post the list soon.

Job 4 may be the track relay at the Wood lane end of the holding road. 


We had planned to move the holding road section by 8 inches to help the bends at the window end, well this move was made last Sunday as planned and without a hitch. This was thanks to all who turned up to help, members and friends, Pat and I thank you all and it was good to see everybody.

The question that is being asked is where is the plan for the work that needs to be done before trains can run again, a good question, well the list of jobs is in my head and I hope to post it here in the next post. We have made a start by installing the 240v ring main around the layout, this is to remove most of the extension leads and give power points for working on the layout without cables running all over the floor, that was job 1. Job 2 was to add the baseboard into the gap at the wood lane end, this also was done Wednesday night.


The last train has been parked up ready for the major work we have planned for the layout, the work is on schedule and will be ready for the big move this Sunday at 11 am. The only train movement that can take place is a shuttle service between platform 4 Yeovil East and platform 3 Pen Hill. All main line services are suspended for the duration of the major works, we expect this to take about 3 months.

During this down time we will try to do many of the jobs that my fatter self could not get to, the motors for the points in Wood lane junction and the point motors for Henford Cross area. These jobs are extra to the planned works.

NEWS 29th AUGUST 2018.

The plan is in place as we start the holding road move. Today sees the first step on the move plan, we will move everything from the desk tops to a safe place. The move requires many things to be moved and from next Sunday 4pm train service will be halted as all the stock will all be parked into the Yeovil East area. I hope that we will be able to restart train services with a month or so.

During this time Visitors will still be welcome to see the work as it moves on.

I will report the progress each week for you.

NEWS 17th AUGUST 2018.

Wednesday's meetings proved the design for the lift bridge, but I have a mod to test before we can say that the design is the best. The bridge, as it is, cannot lift to give access without stooping, this I hope to improve with the next mod. When I am happy with the design I will publish the working design here.

The meetings have been a good test for the track over the bridge on both levels. The introduction of a new service from Yeovil East via the branch to Henford Cross station, down to Penn Hill bay and then returning to Yeovil East with push-pull sets has been a good test for the upper bridge track.

All members have agreed to the redesign of the track through the holding roads and over the mark 3 lift bridge so work will start as soon as we have the money for the replacement track. The big feature of the track redesign will be the removal of all 3 way points and improvement in the flow through the holding roads and over the new wider lift bridge.

NEWS 12th AUGUST 2018.

This Sunday was not for thinking but doing. First Pat had some chimney pots to paint ready to fit to the buildings in the Yeovil East area.

I spent the morning repairing loco's, a job that has been waiting for some time and during this process i have found another County class loco. It will need a chip fitting before it can take up duty on Yeovil East roster.

P.M. The sun came out and we had visitors who were pleased to have a drive. We like to encourage visitors to try to drive a train when they come in.

NEWS 9th AUGUST 2018.

Some thoughts.

May be if we can add 6 inches to the gap then the curves can be eased, but if we add 8 inches plus 4 inches to the length the holding roads can be improved, so that's the new thought. The new plan is on the wall at the club if you have any views please make them known as soon as pos.

NEWS 1st AUGUST 2018.

Yet another month has passed and gone along with our club frend John.

Work on the lift bridge is going well. The testing is showing that this project is full of learning and has raised another question: may be if we can add 6 inches to the gap then the curves can be eased? Well, I shall think about this for a while before any changes are made. Pat has finished her open shed for the yard of Yeovil East, and she has made a brill job of it, well done Pat.

We have been pleased to meet some prospective members at the last two meetings.

NEWS 30th July 2018.

SAD NEWS Tomorrow is John Mott's funeral

We will all miss our friend and club member.

John has been sadly missed by all members of the club.

He was a wonderful character and a true Gent.

NEWS 18th July 2018.

Mark 1 lift bridge in place. NO, that's not the way to build a lift bridge, to much movement within the bridge, but it proved the design, the 4 H/D draw sliders will be the best method of making the bridge return to the the same park location every time. Each of the draw sliders must be exactly vertical, near enough is not good enough for the sliders to rise and fall freely every time. This week has seen many hours of work on the Mark 2 bridge with help from Gary and Mike last Wednesday, and now IT WORKS! My thanks for your help lads.

NEWS 1st July 2018.

We were told that the new power supply would go live on Monday but we were not ready and the new supply will now go live this Friday. We have the first new ring main in place.

The new supply should help to keep a steady supply and this will help the controllers. This extra work has delayed work on the layout and the lift bridge and the lift bridge will be the next on the job list, then point motors to the triangle and above on the branch. Its good I am losing my tum, this will help me get into the back gap LOL.

The next track change will be the addition of a point into the mail train siding from the loop line.

I need some help ! the membership is very low and some good thoughts on how to improve this status will be welcome.

NEWS 18th June 2018.

Half the year has been and gone, Pat has had her eye op and all is going well and the club can get back to norm. Building the lifting bridge will be the main task as the branch has only one route open and the main route is where the banking is used. 

NEWS 11th June 2018.

The lifting bridge prototype has proved the principal and I am now building, I hope, the working bridge. Things we have learnt about this bridge are that a box construction is required as any movement in the bridge will distort the rise and fall. The 4 H.D. draw sliders, if set at 90 degrees in pairs, will insure the bridge will rest in the correct place every time. We will need a counter balance weight to control the rise and fall of the bridge in a safe way. I have decided to add a new page when this is proved to show the full construction in photos with details of the working build and a video to show it working .

NEWS 9th June 2018.

The club has been through many stages in its history, and we are going through a big change at this time. The membership has reached a low point but we have been here before. Meetings will be held as before but with a format ie. Wednesday's AM open 10.30 cleaning maintenance 11.20 coffee 11.20 to 13.30 test running. lunch 13.30 to 13.45. 13.45 to 16.00. running or layout work. Wednesday PM 19.00 to 20 00. layout work 20.00. to 20.15 tea 20.15 to 22.00 running the layout.

Sundays no timetable if visitors come in layout working will start for their visit duration then back to layout building, Last 15 minutes clean & tidy up. This format is not fixed in stone. We meet to enjoy the layout and good company.

NEWS 31st MAY 2018.

Pat is being very good and the improvement is slow.

Wednesday 6th June. The club will be open AM and PM if all goes well but we will post on the home page by the latest Tuesday night 8pm. 

NEWS 25th MAY 2018.

Pat is still not able to go far but it's looking a bit better.

Wednesday night's meeting approved the changes to teaching, we will continue to share work when we are working on the layout.

I have a small change to Pen Hill Carriage sidings area where the post train is parked. By adding a curved left hand point the post train will be able to exit the road onto the loop to the holding roads. An improvement for the use of this siding. 

NEWS 22nd MAY 2018.

Due to Pat's foot accident the hrs for next Wednesday's meetings have been adjusted, daytime will be 10.30 to 13.30. and night meeting will be as norn. 19.oo to 22.oo.

We have been trying out many ways of running the club, some have been good and some not so good. Teaching is a part of the club, but has taken a back seat as the layout is under construction and testing. This stage has taken a long time and will go on for some time to come before on layout teaching can restart.

To encourage members to learn the skills they require, we have decided to introduce teaching modules to be taken out of club hrs. please see the new page TTMRC TEACHING

We hope this will satisfy the hunger to learn new skills.

Last week we gave over command to the members to try to achieve a greater understanding of the whole layout. This was not enjoyed at the time but will help the understanding of any layout and its function. When I was asked to take the Fat Controller's hat at first it was very hard for me as the layout owner was watching over me, anyway it did in the long term help me and give me more enjoyment of layout control. 

NEWS 9th MAY 2018.

Pat and I enjoyed a few days away, we needed the rest.

Good to be back and Monday was a coal mine working day for both of us and the work is going well.

Wednesday's meetings, some more time was spent on the coal mine during the day and the evening was running trains. This has given food for thought on control management, how we run the trains, how do we think about controlling the whole layout.

The lifting bridge section is now working on base level and after each test lift returns to rest in the correct location, however the bridge is very heavy and will require counter balance to assist the lift and lower, but so far so good, more on that later.

If you are reading this and would care to join us then come on, YOU will be very welcome.

NEWS 20th APRIL 2018.

This week has been the hardest week for me for a long time, every day has had jobs that had to be done. On club day we had 2 of my old friends as visitors who needed some help to learn our system, and our Jim took on the center control and kept Yeovil East well fed with trains.

Trains ran well and we all enjoyed the day.

During the evening meeting Pat and I picked restful jobs on the coal mine building, this building is the first to have a full restoration. The building and the stack will be covered in plastercard stone with new windows and the beam engine will be motorised.

The Henford Cross area will be super detailed as a test to see how good it can be made to look. Our plan for the platform is for it to be a timber built type so that not going to be simple. I will post a detailed plan and sections of the station

on a new page as soon as they are complete, so keep looking.

NEWS 16th APRIL 2018 .

It just shows that this hobby can teach ALL of us something new every time we start a new project, the lifting bridge has been just one of those jobs. A lift bridge with only one layer is simples but try a bridge with 2 or 3 levels, 1 level you can hinge but multi levels need some planning, also if the track is straight that helps. This bridge has curved tracks and two levels oh yes the top track is part of an incline, deep joy. I started with the tracks working, then cut the track and the baseboards. This all went fine but to get the bridge back into the exact position is where the brain work comes in. The bridge must lift up to give access under and then drop down into the same location, so easy to say but, well fixing that location has proved to be a problem, I will have to work out a new plan in 3d to solve this problem. When I have proved the design I will post it on this site.

During last Wednesday and Sundays meetings trains were running well.  

NEWS 5th APRIL 2018

This is the first report for April. So many things to do, inside and outside. This year is flying past, SLOW DOWN TIME PLEASE

So many things to do inside and out, inside first complete the lifting section to give access to the centre area, this work is going well with all tracks working but still need more testing, then take the unit out and put it back and test again if all ok then job done.

We need to agree the plan for the Garden with all parties.

The next big project inside is to set the layout onto wheels.

Point motors need to be installed at Pen Hill Junction area on main level and on the branch.

The new buildings for Henford Cross, Pen Hill and Yeovil East need to be designed and built.

The hill over Pen Hill ( Pen Hill ) to be built.

And that is only part of the list.

NEWS 27th MARCH 2018

Due to snow we have missed some meetings but we hope the next lot of snow will bypass us so we can get on with some work.

As I am getting older wisdom has hit my head, or was it my head hitting the layout as I got out of the centre control area. I have decided to form a baseboard lift to save my head and my knees and allow other members to access this area for training.

The work is going well and the track will need some new power droppers. hope to do this on Wednesday. 

NEWS 7th MARCH 2018

The club was alive yesterday with visitors during the day and a good show of members at the evening meeting. After the freeze the club was warm and the trains were all working well.

The first short tunnel to the coal mine has been formed with a vaulted brick lining.

The design for the Henford factory is going well and will have a steel frame and then the floors with the factory plant and fittings will be added and then the walls. Lighting will make it easier to see the inside detail. The Henford area will be all super detailed.

You need to take a close look and remember and then keep looking as we continue the work.

NEWS 6th MARCH 2018

After the snow and ice, frozen water supply all is back and working again. BUT there may be some snow left in our carpark so please be careful.


We made it to the club yesterday, the water system was frozen up so no water, no tea, a dry job. Due to the weather we think that we will make a decision whether to OPEN OR NOT on SUNDAY during Saturday and will post before 9pm. 


We had a fault on the system with distinct set of symptoms and I will list them for you, 1. low power, 2. reverse loop faults, 3. slow running locos.

The answer was tracked to the power supply.

The power transformer was tested and the plug to the controller was removed and then the problem was found, one of the two wires was loose and the other was only hanging on by two strands, refitted both wires, tested, all ok.

Result and from this I would recommend that from time to time YOU check your supply plug to your controller and prevent this fault on your railway.

The remaining part of the evening was full of train movement and fun, YOU should come along and try driving a banking loco.

NEWS 31th JANUARY 2018

Banking is full of fun and very interesting to drive as both drivers need to work together or the train stops as they both spinout.

After low visitor numbers of the last few weeks it was good to see many members and visitors at club this wednesday, thank you all for coming.

Driver training for Banking will be undertaken over the next few weeks to give all drivers a few runs at this job.

NEWS 17th JANUARY 2018

Buildings for Henford Cross area many more building's to come.

Two Plate layers huts

The left was made and not painted.

The right has been painted and weathered and detailed, both kits were free with Railway Modeller both will be built into the Henford Cross area.

Last night we were track testing the ramps too and from Henford Cross with passenger and freight stock. This new area will add many new operations to the layout, and give the need for banking loco's to be used, testing the drivers skills to push and not spin it has proved to be fun to do and interesting to watch.

We will try to make a video soon, but will put both loco's together for the film.

Track work in the Henford Cross area has been finished we now must install the point motors to complete the technical side.

Over the next 2 meetings we will be making removable coal loads for the coal trains from the mine.

NEWS 10th JANUARY 2018

Well that big hol is all over and done so let's get to the FUN side of life.

Railway modelers in this club are proud to be a part of this highly educational

hobby. On TV last week they said we are the second most popular pastime in the uk, that's as may be. We are the most productive hobby in the world, with the lowest accident rate of any pastime. Here at TTMRC you can learn any part of this wonderful hobby so come and join us and put us to the test!

OK that's the add over. Over the holidays we did not close so lots of work has been done. Henford Cross is coming on well and the coal mine has been sited, it will need some TLC but this we can do.

To the many visitors who have popped in may I thank you for your encouragement, you will always be welcome here.

Planning for the Palthorps factory is underway and the plans i hope to have at club by the end of the month, then we can start the build.


NEWS 27/28th. December 2017

We have connected Henford Cross to Yeovil East via the Bridge and the back two roads.

This shot was staged just for 1 member or maybe 2 (LMS fans)

and will never be repeated! LOL.

NEWS 18th. December 2017

During last Sunday's meeting the track to and from the big bridge was connected.This was the first train to cross in testing.

When the next reverse loop unit arrives the service from Yeovil East to Henford Cross can start.

The next section of track to be laid will be the two hidden roads to Henford Cross from Yeovil East.

NEWS 14th. December 2017

Wednesday's planning of the rewire to Yeovil East has given more questions than answers, So i will think some more before we start this work.

Since we have rewired the Pen Hill and holding roads the whole layout is working as it should without problems! more to be added  

NEWS 12th. December 2017

During Sunday Graham and Pat have completed the rewire to Pen Hill and Henford Cross areas, all is working well.

The next area to be worked on is Yeovil East and this area will be planed this Wednesday am and work will start as soon as pos but the layout will be working fully Wednesday night, this work should not interrupt the running of the layout for members.

We are pleased with the first test results so far.

NEWS 6th. December 2017

The work being carried out by Taunton Controls ltd is having a good result. Graham is hoping to complete the Pen Hill area by Sunday

NEWS 3rd. December 2017

We have been track laying in the Henford Cross area, this is taking time as the track is being laid on cork underlay. The cork is being pinned not glued as the design may be changed or just adjusted after testing.

The picture below shows this work ongoing and now the double slip is in place with the two factory sidings.

TAUNTON CONTROLS LTD are running tests to see if they can reduce the number of runaways we get on this layout. They are hoping to have Zones a.b.c & d working for the next meeting, and then start on Yeovil East.  

NEWS 20th November 2017

The required point-work has arrived from "Track Shack" and will be ready to install next Wednesday. Last Wednesday we fitted the base board to complete the full upper deck ready to connect Henford Cross to "Yeovil East" at last.


The new track laying is going very well and will hopefully be well on next Wednesday. Track is powered but the frogs still need to be wired.

We are still waiting for 2 more points to arrive to finish the Henford Cross area.


Henford Cross is born and work has started on this small but interesting area. This branch line will have three main features, the station and yard, the Palethorpes factory and a Coal mine.

The station will be a small branch station with a bypass line, the yard will have a goods shed with road access.

The factory will dominate the whole area and be sited in the foreground, this will be a 3 story, Victorian building with a boiler house at the rear and 2 sidings.

The Coal mine will be in the far corner of the layout over my work station.

Track laying is going well, an engineers train has delivered some track to this area just over the new bridge. 



The garden layout will go ahead, we will start work in the spring 2018 with ground clearing and then move on to the landscaping and planting.

Building the signal box is next moving onto track laying and then soft planting to complete.

It sounds oh so simple BUT it's going to be a lot of hard work so we invite any one who can give time to help with this work a first year free membership as a thank you for your help.

Our plan is to start the work next spring 2018. We will get in a mini digger for a week to clear the site and prepare the soil then move on to the landscaping. If we can have a list of volunteers who will give days or a day, then we can plan the week to make the best of the digger. PLEASE PLEASE let Pat know if you can help and how many days you will be able to attend in that week.

The site as it is today


Yeovil East Station is having a platform extension as has Waterloo, yes platform 1 is being extended to take 6 car trains. Platform 1 will be for departures only, as the movement will be inbound to platform 2,3 and 4 and outbound from all 4. Platform 1 will have empty stock movement from platforms 2,3 and 4 into platform 1 ready for departure


Last night we started to extend the supports for the baseboard for HENFORD CROSS STATION AND YARD this will be the last area of new track laying to be added to this layout, hope to have the track working before the spring.

This area of track will be laid on chamfered cork on ply, should look very interesting.

This has been a good news week report, bought to you by Pat and Graham, we will report again soon so keep looking.

NEWS 4th. OCTOBER 2017

Wood lane cottage is replanted just the hedges to make and plant and the cottage to be restored.

More pic of this area on the trees page.


Once again I am sorry for a lack of news but I am a forgetful old fool.

Work on the layout has been going well and some scenic work has been progressed SEE the tree page Wood lane cottage has a pond and Our trees are being fitted. I will post again after our coffee morning tomorrow.

NEWS 5th June. 2017

A new loco was brought into service this week. " KENLEY "

The last new loco is below No.7788

1946/1947 mid summer over Yeovil East station and gas works

The roller is working on a pot hole only reported yesterday !!!

NEWS 16th June. 2017

Is this a " pathway to heaven" or can it be or should we "LET IT BE"

answers on a post card please as you are all on your hols.

End of May and into June the year is going so fast with lots going on at the club but all you members have gone on your hols, have a good time. We will keep going till you all come back.

Next work program in the club will be setting out the *HENFORD CROSS* section starting on Wednesday the 28th June.

In the mean time we will be working on the lobby.

NEWS 12th. May. 2017

Last Sunday was our open day with 3 layouts in the car park, a display of model aircraft and my son's Harley. During the day we had friends from Dulverton who came in a vintage Austin 12,

so lots of eye candy for everyone, well it was very good for me anyway.

My thanks to the new Sedgmore O gauge group for bringing their O gauge test track and my friends from Shepton Mallet for their 2 layouts plus a big thanks to Carol for the wonderful food and all the teas she made for us, THANKS to all who gave their time to help us.   

NEWS 2nd. May. 2017


After 4 days of testing, checking and thinking we have found the track problem.

The insulation was a fantastic gift BUT heat had closed up the reverse loop gaps giving a short when the room became hot and no short when cold. All is now working as it should be.

NEWS 30th. April. 2017

coming soon

NEWS 13th. April. 2017

News, well, where do I start. First I am sorry for the delay in posting this update but I have been up to my neck in it.

We have had a meeting with the new O gauge group, Sedgmore O gauge group and have agreed to stage an open day at our club with their test track in the car park and later on to hold an exhibition in North Petherton next year, Barry and Stan have also offered to bring 2 other layouts for the day, so it should be a very interesting day.

Due to sickness and general decay membership is now very low, we could do with a few more members! Will you bring a friend or neighbour with you, Talk to any one, remember, we do not have a ban on ladys so bring your girlfriend ( and Girls - bring your boyfriend)

Pat and I hope we can gain some extra members but just want others to enjoy the club as much as we do. If you want to run trains and do not have the room then come along and meet us soon.

Work on the layout is going well after the insulating job. I hope that the work on Yeovil East will be complete in the next week with the holding roads and Pen Hill all working before MAY 7th!

Below is the proposed look of the new chilled shed for Pen Hill yard.

The proposed look of the new child distribution shed at Pen Hill yard.

My first designed looked out of scale for 1946 so with a combinations of existing buildings joined together gives an interesting looking building, hope you agree.

The new building will be planned on anyrail and if approved will be built on a ply base with plasticard facings walls the roofs will be ply with tile strips, working features will be working shutter doors on the rail entrees, and to the left hand loading dock for road use. 

NEWS 26th. March. 2017

my phone camera is not talking to my computer so Pat will be taking some new shots for us.

Last Sunday the broken point in the loco yard was changed and rewired and is running well at very slow speeds. After installing that new point i went on to work on other points that need attention in the north yard, we will be working our way round the layout to check all points as the number of spikes must be stopped.

We will be looking at the plan for "Henford Cross" as I hope we will make a start very soon ( hopefully within the next 4 weeks). We have the cork underlay in stock as this has been donated with a lot of stock for us to sell, all dcc fitted and some with sound, we hope the donor will become a regular member as he needs a 'train running fix' as do the rest of us and cannot do it at home due to downsizing.    

NEWS 24th. March. 2017

This Wednesday we received the power sockets ready for the new ring main to remove the need for extension leads. Next Wednesday the cable will be delivered.

We started the day with a tidy up to make more room and now the new loo is full!

My Plan for work to the clubroom over the next few months is to build the lobby and to install the new power ring main, then the boileroom and finish with the loo and the drain. THIS is the plan but it is subject to change!

After the tidy up trains were tested and many spikes were found. Spikes shorten the life of loco chips so an investigation was held, the points were found to be the main cause so all points are to be inspected and upgraded if required. The second biggest cause of spikes is signalman NOT double checking the route. Loco's coming to the back of a point that is closed to it will cause a spike.

Will all members (me included) PLEASE PLEASE look and look again at routes before giving the all clear to the driver. STOP LOOK and LISTEN. The lack of loco's on duty is down to the workshop being stacked with sick locos, sick of spikes.

GOOD News John B and his wife are on the mend, we all send our best wishes to them.

During the evening meeting the point inspection found that a point in the loco yard had lost its spring, it has been removed and will be replaced this Sunday.

NEWS 16th. March. 2017

The covers are off and we have to make a few repairs.

BUT my car had an upset Tuesday late afternoon on my way home. RAC had to come to the rescue and take the car to Wellington to be repaired, today it came home all better again, so this is my way of saying sorry for not being open Wednesday.

NEWS 10th. March. 2017

Sorry no photo this report but my windows phone seems to have fallen out with my computer so I will ask Pat to take some new shots for us.

Well it has been wonderful to see trains moving again, only 2 faults to repair after the work. The repairs will be put in hand next Sunday.

GOOD NEWS we have received a GWR Hall class loco with sound from Marcus, Thanks very much. 

NEWS 5th. MARCH. 2017

Sunday 5th March has been tidy up and resite the fridge into the kitchen area. Move the big filing cabinet to the end of the kitchen units, turn the shelved to stand alongside the filing cabinet turn the two seater and the heater goes back to the wall. 

We still have a lot of work inside the clubroom to do but for the next few weeks the layout is our work area.

NEWS 13th. FEBRUARY 2017

No work was done on Sunday as the temperature was too low.

We hope that the scaffolders will be starting on friday for us to start on Tuesday 21st. Wednesday 22nd. ANY and ALL help will be most welcome!   


Today was in 2 parts daytime and nighttime so far so good but by the end of the night I was very tired. I still feel like a nap, the report is on the insulating project page. so please have a look.

NEWS 29th January 2017

This Sunday was wet so i put the books back onto the shelves.

The tea station is still open.

NEWS 25th January 2017

 posted 29.01.17. 

All hail the insulation and get your leg over Graham

NEWS 18th January 2017

Last night we fitted the lining boards around the last corner the home straight is underway. With only 3 club days in January left I may miss my target but the question is by how much ? I hope it will be done very soon but keep looking.

NEWS 16th January 2017

Yes it's true I have gone round the last bend, and the end of the last wall is in sight, we only then have the roof to do, so we may be all done by the end of January as I had hoped.

NEWS 11th January 2017

This week has been full steam ahead with good progress on both days with lots of help, thanks to all. The evening team last night installed the kitchen units and moved the books ready for the assault on the last wall.

Sunday we will make a start with removal of the book shelves to be resited over the worktop, then the removal of the existing boards ready to receive the insulation boards. PLEASE NOTE WILL THE LIBRARIAN PLEASE GET BETTER AS SOON AS, WE WILL NEED YOU BACK HERE VERY SOON !!!!!!!! OK.

We must thank John B for his cake !!.

NEWS 4th January 2017 take this link

The TEA station is still working.

NEWS 2nd. January 2017

The hard slog of installing the insulation is on going.

3 walls almost completed, the plastic sheeting is all down.

Kitchen units have been moved to the other end, the books are next, ho ho what fun. The GOOD news, the TEA station is still working. But as the layout is covered no

trains can run. 


Today has marked my 65th year in railway modelling, so we all worked hard and enjoyed fresh cream cake !!!!

Yes 65 years in railway modelling and still enjoying every part of this wonderful hobby and the club is still improving with us. Pat has added an extra depth to the quality of our models and Pat and Ann's trees are beyond my hopes, thanks to you both.

Installing the insulation has put a stop to work on the layout until that job is done, but the name of "cow shed" will become the "cosy cow shed " I hope.

The evening team worked to tea time then cleaned the track and had a run till 10.10 which was, for me, a great end to a brilliant day at the club.My thanks to all who helped me celebrate my land mark. 

NEWS 9th November 2016.

Daytime meeting 2 really good runs with some moves never tried before very interesting and enjoyed by all, plus a good level of fun and banter.

Evening meeting started with a teaching on AnyRail all went well with a good run after tea. We hope that Sunday's meeting will get some more work on West hill. 

NEWS 2nd November 2016

The west hill under construction, timber, steel and it's all coming together . Tunnel mouth can be seen beyond the balsa retaining wall of the cutting. Plasticard will be added to this base layer and plaster bandage will be applied to the chicken wire which is fixed to the steel frame. Just above the two portals you can see the track bed being formed, the upper portal will be where the branch line will cross the cutting on a girder bridge coming through to where this photo was taken. 

NEWS 19th October 2016

After a week away on a sun drenched beach called Woolacombe I have found it hard to get my working head back on . Yesterday's meetings were very busy with visitors and members, trains flying here and there. By the end of the day I felt very happy and ready for bed, so goodnight chat again next week.

NEWS 7th October 2016

Back to a working day and night Wood Lane bridge has been excavated so that buses can run through. We hope to replaster Wood lane and the new road to pen Hill yard during the next 2 meetings.

after our short trip to Devon we hope to be refreshed and ready to improve this reports each week. Hope to see you SUNDAY. 

NEWS 30th September 2016

A very good night with 12 operators on the layout working the new schedule as our friends from Culm Valley club joined us for the evening.. All went very well, 2 mod to the schedule were needed and a mystery power fault to find but all in all a good night. We hope they will come again soon.

The Pen Hill yard re-lay has been well received and the new plan seems to work. We only need the new cold transfer shed to be built, may be a job for me on those cold winter nights coming soon, maybe.

The time spent testing has been time well spent as the track has worked well. Stock and some Kaydees need some adjusting in the next few days then maybe we can move on to more fun work with the scenery at last .  

NEWS 14th September 2016 

This week has seen many improvements and YES another change to Pen Hill yard , well last week's report started me thinking and the yard now has direct access to the branch line but the whole yard has been relayed, time and testing well prove if I have it right. We are looking forward to our friends from Clum Valley club making a visit to us on the 28th of this month. 

NEWS 7th September 2016

Will my new work plan to split TC work and TTMRC work has been very good for both club work and updating this website as you can see has become regular at last.

This week has seen more track improvements in Pen Hill yard to give a run round in the yard to save time on the main line when empty "palethorpe" are dropped off on the main line. This yard was planned to be a loco service yard but as time and testing has proved that this yard will serve as a "palethorpe" distribution yard with loaded stock coming down from the Henford Cross factory and reloaded in the new goods shed for distribution to the system.

Only testing will prove this plan and again it may need to be tweaked again.

Another train of thought has just puffed into my brain station, ? could the branch line go into this yard without going on to the down main, time will tell.

NEWS 24th August 2016

This has been a very busy week for Pat and I so not much work on the layout but we enjoyed two good running sessions trying some new moves with good operation. We are giving the loco dept. and turntable to controller 1 with route setting. It seemed to be a lot but we managed.

My control plan is that Signalmen have an area as in life but Drivers will change across many trains as required to keep stock moving, testing will see if this will work.

NEWS 17th August 2016

This week testing and training on turntable operation and point frog wiring have been done today. the member are happy with the control of the turntable. 

NEWS 15th AUGUST 2016

TURNTABLE is in and working, the drive kit is working with a chip (ZTC 255) throw the ZTC 611 controller and the the track is powered from the ZTC 550 booster, the speed is very controllable and I hope that we will NOT need to index the bridge. Turntable operators will be trained and this will be how an assessment of the requirement for indexing will be made.

NEWS 4th August 2016

Proposed new bits !

Wood Lane will have a new road link into Pen Hill yard, also a plan to add a girder bridge to link the branch line over the tunnel mouths at the west end of the Pen Hill cutting.This will carry the branch line from one tunnel to another. I hope this will add to the visual interest in this area.

This week has seen a lot of work on the running schedule we are hoping that the schedule will be working by the time our friends from Clum Valley make a visit to us at the end of next month. The plan is to show the schedule on computer screens to inform the operators in place of a card system.

We have adjusted the height of all the Kadee magnets to improve the operation.

NEWS 29th July. 2016

This has been a very exciting month at the club and Sundays have given more time to work on the layout, track mod and improvements. All going very well.

During this month we have had operating sessions that have given life to the model and encouragement to Pat and I, leading me to think that this layout is becoming a living thing which the running schedule can only add to its character . Are we building just a model railway or a work of ART? only YOU can be the judge of that, so come and meet us and tell us, JUST A RAILWAY or ART?    

News 15 July. 2016

We have extended the Sunday open time until 4pm. so come and join us.

news 8th July.

Having the Club open on Sundays has given more time for me to work on the details and testing how the buildings and the back scene work together. We can now work towards seeing Yeovil East nearing completion but we do not expect this to happen this year, there is a long way to go.

If you find our reports interesting then you will be welcome at the club any Wednesday or Sunday so come and have a look.     

Good news 8th of May 2016

We have decided to try SUNDAY Meetings during this Summer so as from 22 May 2016 we will open the clubroom from 10 am to 2 (but later if required )

This extra meeting is for existing and New members and any person that wishes to see how we enjoy this wonderful hobby also anyone who wants to see ZTC controllers in action.

If you require any further info please ring Graham on 01823 327155 this line is open 9am to 9pm every day except for Wednesdays.

The extra meetings have been put to good use the buildings have been place tested and the plaster beads are being laid ready to plaster.  

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