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Job to be done in number order

Plan of works during

September to JUNE.

September 2018.

Jobs in pink have been done

job 1

job 2

job 3

Design new mark 3 lift bridge

Build new lift bridge

Install new lift bridge

job 4

job 5

job 6

Repair wires to copper tape connection

Install point motors to points in the Wood Lane area

Remove 3 way point above Wood Lane (branch)

job 7

job 8

job 9

Branch track, reset track bed and lay 2 new points and fit point motors

Install new point to access mail siding from loop

Relay all tracks from Wood Lane triangle to Holding roads

job 10

job 11

job 12

Remove all 3 way points from Holding roads area

Set out all Holding roads with new pointwork

Realine all tracks through Holding roads area

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