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TTMRC History File 2014

On the way to Club one day in 2014

standard run time 20 minutes

This day over an hour and then gave up!

a Somerset waterfall

Bow wave from HMS Volo

This year has seen disasters but the club has grown back to a membership leveling when we were in town.

great new members and plenty of good work and fun by all.

The club layout has been having major work to install ply under the sundelar as the winters damping has made it sag all over  

TTMRC History File 2015

2015 a good year for the club, membership has grown and the junior club has started with very keen members.

The daytime section have made over 300 trees and been working on relaying track, track testing has gone on all year and has been time well spent with lots of tweak's to give smooth running, a joy to see. The evening team have been working hard on wiring and track improvement well done and thanks to ALL.

photo history more will be added soon

droppers being added to the Pen Hill section

Day time member and Pat all working well.

A club outing to the Bath and West club our thanks to them its was great

One of the trees for the layout on show at an exhibition during 2015

weeping silver birch

The builder has passed on details to be added.

A shot from the booklet on point conversion.


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