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The club room news is now on CLUB NEWS page.

17th February 2016

This week has seen the "Yeovil East" yard track relayed and some kadee magnets have been installed so Platform 4 has received its operational mods started, just need the droppers adding to complete. As track testing is now less important we will return to working the first part of the evening and track testing later.

Daytime meeting will see more teaching and building with lots of track testing with a good number of trees being made.

12th February 2016

3 Computer screens have been brought to the club and will be installed in the next few weeks. The screens are part of the control information system to replace the old cards and me shouting out the next train.

next week the new points will be installed in the Yeovil East yard.

2nd February 2016 

Well new year is here and its time to bring you all up to date

November. testing of the track went very well and many new trees have grown

December. We had some good work converting points from insulfrog to electrofrog ready for the publication of our booklet

January. warm then -6 and we could not stand it by 2.30 we went home, so we hope that the cold weather will go a way for this year but work has gone on the computer screens have arrived at the club as part of the command system but NOT to take over the control of the layout, the fat controller will from the main computer run the operating schedule and the screens will relay that to the signal men that will set the roads ready for the drivers. The screens take the place of the cards. the installation of the screens and the turn table motor and power will be complected by the end of Feb.

October 20th Tuesday 2015

This is not a biannual REPORT. Things to report :- 1 The layout has had a large amount of new track laid to improve the running.

2 The testing of the new sections has been very pleasing.

3 GOOD News a few weeks ago we started a junior club and this is very popular, and is going well and very rewarding for Pat and myself.

4 As the winter is on the way we have been able to build the front screen with a new front door we hope that with the extra heaters things will be warmer this winter.

5 Due to the improved running we are starting to test sections of the new time table. It has been a long and hard road since we lost the bridge street clubroom but we have at last moved forwards from there.

6 Membership, full members is now at 19 and 5 juniors. Membership is still open, details from Graham.

I will try to add news as it happens and at least every few weeks Graham

February 20th Friday 

Yes its been a long time, but we have all been working hard and with a younger new member we have made great progress with the DCC wiring and we now have power to All boards on the Yeovil East station area. The next job will be to convert the points to live frog. Details of this will be posted on the help line page

October 28th Monday

Well where has the time gone since my last post, sorry but this is the first time I have not been working since my op. All went well so that's ok.

The club news is full of timber and trees as is the clubroom. The reaction from the public has been very good, all the tree makers can be very proud of your work,. well done. The Master (Gordon Gravett) has seen your work and has made very good remarks and asked if he could use one of your techniques).

Layout news - The rewire of Yeovil East has slowed down since my op but the evening team are pushing to complete this long task as soon as possible, the push being lead by Mike, Frank and John well done to you all.

As the dark nights are here we will have heating on again, so don't forget your jumper.

WE have been asked to sell a collection of Southern 00 stock and BR Southern, these items will be displayed at the club room over the next few weeks. All offers should be given to Graham or Pat. All items will be checked before sale is completed.

We have been given a layout and all stock for club use, this should be arriving some time around February next year. The owner has it in the south of France

and wants us to develop it from it base state as a project to help beginners.

We have also been offered some O gauge items but do not now the details yet. This could lead to an O gauge layout when Yeovil East can fly.

Once again sorry for the delay in doing this post. Hope to see you all soon Graham and Pat.

July 28th Monday

This month has flown past and this week the club is closed for my op. We will be open again next week .

The layout has passed two mile stones, the first was the installation of 2 new ztc 302 point motors and the second we have test run a long freight on the up and a fast passenger on the down, worked well and the timing was fun.

The rewire is slowly moving on and my op means that the membership will have to do the underboard work for the next few weeks!

The photo is from the platform at Pen Hill Station looking under the canopy towards the bay at the far end right.

I will post an update after I get back home 

 June 24th Tuesday

the club has a landline that will only be working WEDNESDAYS on

club membership is equal to to the highest in town membership and is growing well

track testing on pen hill is going well.

May 20th Tuesday

Sorry for the delay from the last report. 


Yes the good news keep coming, and long may it continue, Pat and I were pleased to open the new temporary Loo, oh yes we now have a LOO!

Layout news we have trains testing the "PEN HILL" loop

The membership is still growing we hope this week to equal the club's in town record.

March 13th. Thursday



With an extra meeting tonight we have completed the installation of the 1/2" Ply, under the sundela board. The rewire can go full ahead.

We have agreed with the Farmer to takeover the top end store to use as a workshop and store so a good tidy up is on the way.

we have been asked to build a new layout for a client 12' x 3'6" but in N so new glasses all round. 

January 30 th. Thursday

We were not sure that meetings would be a good thing to do BUT the Day and Night team change our minds your support has made us both feel a lot better so may we THANK YOU all.

The work that was performed was outstanding, Tree building is going very well, the baseboard team have re fixed board 4 and almost completed the fitting of board 3.

January 21 st. Tuesday from our sick bed.

Sorry that there will be no meeting this Wednesday !

Last post we were Overwhelmed and after adding the NEW members to the list we are very pleased the member now stands at 15 members with at least 3 more trying us out and that will be the highest number for this club, but still growing.

The day time members

December 13th Friday

Overwhelmed. .....The turn out to help put up the sheeting was brill and thanks to all, and with new members joining up the fun we are having is making the club the place to be on Wednesdays

We have been loaned a gas fire so things are a bit warmer.

BAD NEWS as we are building a model railway and NOT a ski ramp, The damp in the container over the last 2 years has got into the sundeala and it has sagged, my answer is to raise the existing boards and track, insert 12mm ply and screw them all down again. 

November 16th

We have planned to put up p.v.c. sheeting over the kitchen area and over the layout I hope that as many members can turn out and help us with this job , ALL WELCOME 10 am start.

November 1st. 

I am sorry not to have posted the news sooner but since our last post we have been over 3000 miles and 3 Exhibitions, 5 hotels with a 4 day holiday and made many new friends. SEEN the I.O.W. steam railway, and what a set up, it is wonderful.

This is Club room news not my ramblings so. 

September 25th. 23.00.

Today has seen the last meeting before our holiday on the Isle of Wight next week

September 10th. 9.10.

So much is happening I though that an update was in order.

Pat and I have been flat out over the last few weeks, just to keep you up to date.

The ZTC Owners Club has been opened with all the problems computers can bring but New members are joining the club but not as smoothly as it should be but this will improve very soon so we are told.

Our club room has seen some more improvements, the Pen Hill section has been extended by 3 feet in length and by 6 inches in width, to improve the bends.

The club room, work has started on the library wall, which we hope to complete next Monday.   

August 28th. 22.30

This has been a very interesting month and so much has happened and ALL good, but we are both a bit tired from the bank hol. 2 days at Burnham exhibition and the monday we opened the clubroom. This worked well, new people are coming in and having a chat and that is a very good sign. The membership is at last growing again.

Work on Yeovil East is going well and Pen Hill will be extended by 3 feet in length and 6 inches in width so bigger and better, removing the tight bend at both ends.

I am off to bed as I have had it! Good night Graham

August 1st 15.35pm

Well after help from members and friends we have progress, "Yeovil East" has train movements on all sections, the point wiring is going well but we have decided to change the point motors installation, this means that the existing seep mk2 will be for sale. During the last meeting the buildings for "Yeovil East" were placed ready for their plaster edgings next week.

"Pen Mill" area has been left to give the boards a chance to settle down. In the next two weeks we hope to start on the track in this area.

The whole layout will be run DCC but with the inner loop through Pen Mill to the storage roads being either DCC or DC for running in.

Last report I said I had hoped to report after each meeting but couldn't due to my old computer failing. This report was posted from Pat's new laptop.

The next report may be made from pcworld if Pat isn't in a good mood !

If you wish to come along and see for your self then please do, the times are 10am to 4pm and 7pm to 10pm. Hope to see you soon Graham and Pat.

JULY 17th. 22.J30pm

After a long day for us and with the help of BILL,JIM AND MIKE the layout was put up and then tested and we had locos running on "Yeovil East". I will try to publish some photos for you to see. I will also try to make a report after each meeting , so keep looking and enjoy it with us.

July 16 22.30pm

Pat and I have just returned home having made the clubroom ready for tomorrow. We hope that if you come you will see that the club has a new base, by no way finished but ready to enjoy. We hope you will enjoy the efforts of the following who have given their time to help us get this far :-- Rodger, Jim, David and Robin without their help this would not have been possible

Thanks to you all from Pat and I.

JUNE report 30.06.2013

June has been a very good time for the clubroom, the work is going well.

Pat and I have agreed that it is important to spend some time to rebuild the club membership as well as the building so from Wednesday 17th July 2013 we will open the club to regular meetings.

3 meeting times for a start am 10.30 to 12 1.30 to 4pm and 7 to 10pm.

During the first few meetings we will be putting Yeovil East and Pen Hill together and up.

Tea will be made during each meeting, however the clubroom LOO will NOT be working for the first few weeks, there is a loo in the farm yard that we can use.

New Members are very welcome. Please ring Graham for a Chat first or just come along to meet us 01823327155

ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS or Visitors do so at their own risk as the insurance will not cover us until the building work is complete. SO PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR OWN HEALTH AND SAFTY and ours.

The clubroom is a NO smoking area and smokers are asked NOT TO THROW BUTTS INTO THE SCRUB AREA AS A FIRE COULD DESTROY THE BUILDING. we will locate a butt bin in the smoking area.

SO GOOD NEWS we can all meet up again, if you need transport to the clubroom please contact Graham 01823327155.

Please remember the club runs for all of us so if you do not agree or would care to make suggestions you are welcome to do so to either Pat or myself.

MAY report 10.05.2013

During the last 3 months things have been very hard with the damaged arm.

So a rethink has taken place, we all want to run trains again as soon as possible so we have decided to make the clubroom usable as fast as we can, stow away all the items on the floor and build the Loo and then set up Yeovil East and Pen Hill. Layout working in the next 2 months.

End of January report.


After a cold wet start to January progess was made, I can now confirm that we have 90% of the new floor layed the last 10% is waiting for the drains pipes to be installed, ( get a loo working) and for access traps to be formed in the floor.

Tea making is ok as we have water and power in and working. Working I have been helped by Pat and Roger thanks to you both. I am hoping to have an informal meeting Wednesday the 13th. FEBRUARY 2013 at 7 pm at the new club room. The reason is to chck the size of Yeovil East and Penn Hill sections together . If you would wish to join us please call me on 01823 327155 for location details.



Due to my falling off the new floor progress has been very slow but this week has seen some improvement .


has started with a cool air rather than the floods of November so i hope we can move the building on with power David,Roger and Robin have been a god send over the last few days of November and things are at last moving on well so I hope to make steady progess in December

I will post reports and photo as and when, so keep Looking!

O YES I had to fall off the new floor and have been told to take at least 3 weeks rest so the work has been stopped until the new year but I still hope that club activetives will be able to re start during January 2013 but I have put back the opening weekend until March 2013 .

When I get back to the site more reports will be given .

The build has started at last

I have been working on the plans for the new club room with the farmer and we have agreed to a new building to home the club and the layouts

There will be room for both Yeovil east and Pen hill as we had it in the old room

This will be my brand new shed in the country ha ha!!!!


3rd October 2012 the funds have been delayed yet again

17th October 2012 and today Aviva confirm another DELAY

28 November 2012 Good News the floor is being layed

29th. November 2012 2/3 floor laid

30th. November Move from container completed

The date of the OPENING

Sometime in January 2013


 I give up and will try to give a months notice


When we open

I am very pleased to say that Pat has agreed to join me in running the Club this means that 

we have our first Lady member


PLEASE COME AND JOIN US ALL MEMBERS Female or Male are very welcome


EMERGENCY WORKS From the history file


WORKS START 10pm 26th - rebuild

holding roads from baseboard up

Here are a few images of the work involved

firstly, the layout had to be taken back to the frame 

Then, the rebuild begins, with an enlarged frame, both in length and width 

More to come ! 

SUNDAY 20.14 and there is more

For more pictures etc, see the Emergency Works page


This page is to show the activities of the Taunton Town Model Railway Club, meeting at our room. .The details below are what has happened since we started, and also some news of what we are doing. News of future plans can be found on Events and Meetings page.

History report for the year 2010.&11.

The regular reports had stopped as there was little to report however there were one or two things worth a note

The club had lost some members due to a lack of a clubroom but we still tried to do our best.

Our exhibition was a time of high hopes and a disaster! Very low attendance meant the layouts that had come were not given the attention that they warranted. I was very disappointed with the food and the poor way the football club manager treated us. 

The only good thing was we made a profit.

This event was the beginning of the club in its old form, however we are still meeting and they said that we could not go on, WE WILL KEEP GOING!

well we are still doing our thing and i hope the new clubroom will be the new start we all need.

Thank you to all that worked to help the club during this year onwards and upwards.

HISTORY FILE for the This Year 2009.10.

The second year starts here. 2009.10

On 4th August, the Club members were able to run the layout to an introductory schedule, in both directions for the first time. There are still some areas of the layout which need power, but the process was a useful experience, and since then it has been possible to take the timetable ideas further. These will be tested from now on, while learning about the signal, point operations and driving.  

Between August 4th and 11th, we set up a schedule, based of train movements around the layout. This was the first time that such a written schedule was made, and on 11th August it was tried out over the normal Club night time. Although there were a number of alterations which will need to be made to make it run more effectively it was a good introduction to running the layout in this way, and it will be adjusted and improved for future use.

Unfortunately, the timetable was not available for the meeting on 18th August, but the evening was taken up by general clearing up and setting up the layout to be used for a demonstration evening the following evening, when visitors from a local club were coming.  

We had two good evenings with our visitors, but it became evident that more work was needed on the layout, so a decision was taken to make major changes on the layout - you can see progress of this in the pictures above. However, club meetings will continue to enable club members to be involved in the rebuild of the larger improved section of the layout on club evenings. More news of this as the weeks progress.

On 8th September, we held an auction of items from one of our Members, Harvey, and much interest was shown in all that was brought along, much of it being bought by club members. For the second half of the evening there was a discussion of the program for relaying the track on the new layout boards.  

15th September. As the details on the Emergency Works page shows, much progress is being made on rebuilding the layout, and it will soon be possible to start running the trains again.

The Club has also discussed the possibility of running an exhibition (or even two) in 2010. More details will be posted later

22nd September - we continued with work on the layout, building the new platform for Pen Hill (which now includes a terminus platform for local services), and also laying point motor bases in some of the holding roads. Work on both of these will continue next week

29th September - Club night tonight and with a good number of members on hand the work was shared around

Lots of jobs were undertaken and a good night was enjoyed by all ,wiring down under, cutting brick paper for the new platform walls, canopies with power bus installed, and just before the meeting the new control panel was fitted.

On October 6th, there was a training session on using flexible track, laying techniques for both straight and curved sections. This was taken a stage further when wire feeds were soldered to the track by members of the club.

In the second half, we had an interesting talk on signals by Roger. This topic is quite complex, so this was only an introduction, to be continued by further talks in the future. 

On 13th October, the results of much work on the wiring is beginning to show. The track feeds are mainly in, and the points are wired, but not connected up yet. It was even possible to run limited test locos in parts of the layout, and the hope and aim is to have track testing next week in some areas.

The club's involvement in exhibitions was also discussed. An information/help stand is to be included in a local show as early as next month - more details soon - , and a layout is to be planned and exhibited in a joint show on May 8th - more details soon.

Over the following weeks - 20th & 27th October, and 3rd November - The track testing continued, but there was a particular section where the track can be used in either direction which was difficult to sort out effectively.

Finally, on 4th November, after many extra hours of testing and checking, it looks as though this has finally been sorted out. The holding roads can now be added and used, and we can realistically talk about schedules, trains running throughout the layout.

On 10th November, we had a good session of track testing, using a number of trains - not just locos, but complete trains, and it was gratifying to see several trains running around the layout. Of course, there are still a few places to be sorted out, but we can now look to the next stage - adding the higher level with Hendford Halt, and getting the holding roads under it used as designed.

Our running session was complemented with Roger's second talk about signalling, this time including shunting signals.

On November 17th the track testing continued, and further progress is being made on sections of the layout, and the evening finished with a decision on the new Club Layout, to be built for the Club's first Exhibition on May 8th - more about both the layout and the exhibition soon. This testing continued on November 24th. 

On 1st December the track testing continued, and the second part of the evening was the third talk by Roger on signals, this one being on colour light signals. It was so interesting that everyone forgot the time, and we didn't finish until 10.30 ! We also welcomed two new members to our club.

On December 8th, the first half was a chance to try out a new schedule, with different times, trains etc. from before. It was a good start to the evening, and after there was a party atmosphere, with food and refreshments.

The testing of the schedule is a long term project, and so on the 15th December, the testing continued.

Schedule test running has raised a few issues that will need some more repair work to the track in the Yeovil East station approach and the big question is looming as I had already agreed to rewire the old sections when we had the new Pen Hill and holding roads section fully working , so many things all need a lot of time Well I must ponder this over the next week or so. G

22nd. DECEMBER 2009. After the first part of the meeting and tea was enjoyed, I proposed the BIG change to our plans for 2010 . in short - dump the planned Exhibition layout and rebuild and restore Yeovil East Station area After a good debate the meeting agreed to my suggestion as a good plan. For more details see the Yeovil East page.

Over the next two weeks - 29th December and 5th January - further running of rolling took place on the layout (on December 29th it was a session of own locos and rolling stock - an interesting alternative running !), and as year drew to a close a good time was had by all.

On 12th January, there was a good session of running, and it is becoming clear that members are learning the control panels in use and the driving of the locos in conjunction with the panels. We also managed to limit those areas where there are still some problems, and as a result the trains were running in all directions ! Next week the start of the new Yeovil East layout begins, starting with the overall design and how this fits the new baseboards - watch this space !

Roger donated a copy of 'Signals Old and New', complied by him as his final part of his information on signals and what they mean.

On 19th January the good running session from the last week or so continued, and we are now looking forward to starting the new layout, beginning with the baseboards, which will be assembled soon - watch this space !

During the weeks 26th January and 2nd and 9th February we have been able to test out the holding roads, now that they are largely powered. There are still a few glitches in these but it is now possible to send a number of trains in all directions at the same time! When the problems have been sorted out, we can then turn our attention to making the new Yeovil East layout, starting with the new baseboards.

On 16th February the club meeting went well, with trains running in all areas of the layout. The holding road power problems were largely sorted out.

The baseboards for the new Yeovil East have arrived, and soon the wood for the frames as well - more news soon.

On 23rd February we were able to use a new area on the layout: the loco sidings next to Pen Hill were now operational, so locos could be sent to the sidings for 'servicing' and also brought back into service from there. This adds a new area for operations.

As well as this there are now a number of holding roads which have been equipped with detectors, and these will be wired into the Pen Hill control panel in the near future - we are making good progress !

On both March 2nd, March 9th and March 16th we were able to test out the layout, using all the available lines, and there were a number of trains running. Unfortunately, the indicators developed problems, but these will be sorted out soon.

The wood for the baseboards for the new Yeovil East has now arrived, and have now been cut into the pieces for the baseboards, so it is expected that we will soon be making the frames, then the baseboards will be ready for track laying etc. watch this space !

So far, April has been very busy, both on Club nights and daytime in the building of the new Yeovil East layout. The baseboards have been assembled, joined, wiring is proceeding at a good pace, and we will soon have a layout which can be tested ready for the Exhibition on May 8th. Some of the scenery is progressing well, and the rest will be added as time permits before the Exhibition, or after - the purpose of this layout is to show a layout which is still progressing. Many members have been very busy in the work on this layout, and their efforts are already showing - see the Yeovil East Rebuild page for day to day progress reports.

As well as this we have had a lot of experience in running the existing layout, with trains running between Yeovil East (existing station) and Pen Hill, using the holding roads to great effect. One of the advantages of this layout is that when we can add the new Yeovil East it will add to the facilities of the layout which is already running - we will have the advantages of running more trains, and developing the scenery on the Pen Hill and the country station Hendford Halt areas.

July 2nd. So much has happened since the last news: the Exhibition went well, and although the Yeovil East layout was not completed, so much was achieved by the time it was shown that we were able to demonstrate how it will be able to run,as the track and station, points and DCC control were all OK.

Since then, the work to get more done on the Yeovil East layout have continued, with point motors fitted and wired, and these are being connected to a small control panel (probe and stud), as the need for a more complex control box is not needed, the layout being DCC run.

At the same time, work is taking place on the replacement control panel, for when the Yeovil East layout is connected to PenHill, to replace the existing Yeovil East layout. This is proving to be quite a challenge, but we are making good progress (you can see the new designof this DC panel on the intro page).

We will continue to work on both the Yeovil East layout (adding buildings, scenery and signalling, as well as the connections for both DC and DCC) Please come back for more details as they are completed.

27th July . Apologies for not keeping this up to date, but the events of this time have made it difficult to do this. To explain: the Club has now been obliged to leave its premises, and at present is meeting at members houses. The layouts, rolling stock, track and other items, including the library, are all in storage in various members houses.

It has been a difficult period: we did not know what was to happen, but have organised ourselves, and will still be working on the Yeovil East layout - we do have commitments at at least two Exhibitions to keep, and we want to continue to be an active club as before.

The other layouts - PenHill and the little country station (Hendford Cross) which was to be part of it - have both gone into storage, and will no doubt emerge unscathed when we are able to move into new premises, and this could be soon.

In the meantime, reports on how we are progressing will continue to be posted here, so do come back !

3rd August. We met at Keith's house, one of our members who has kindly offered to let us use some space in which we will be able to work on the Yeovil East layout, and also to meet up. It was a good start, and the layout boards will be worked on from now on, starting with the completion of the wiring.  

The evening also enabled us to start to plan the meetings for the next few weeks, so that we can be ready for October, our first Exhibition commitment - come back for more details.

10th August . We met again at Keith's house, and work continued on the control panel wiring, the links were identified in many parts of this board. We also saw a video on the railways in the South West, and decided to meet at Jim's house for the next two weeks, to allow for train running on his layout (DC) and also to work on other aspects of the Yeovil East layout - buildings, for example, or scenic items - which can be added to the layout when we are able.

We may have some news about a new club room soon.  

After two very good sessions at Jim's (August 17th and 24th), where we were able to run a number of trains, the Club returned to Keith's house on August 31st for further work on the Yeovil East layout. it was decided during this time to make the control panel box bigger for the layout, which enables the addition of more information, so this is now being incorporated into the build.

We have much to do, but soon hope that there will be more information, as well as a few pictures.


Well its been FOUR MONTHS since the last update, and for all those members unable to attend meetings, and all our friends from further afield who just can?t get to the meetings, here is what has been happening.

As you are all aware Graham has had to move from the flat above the shop, and the layout is now temporarily housed in my (Keith's) Garage: because of this progress has been slow but with an exhibition now just SIX days away things are beginning to happen.

Last week Steve and Keith painted and weathered large amounts of the station and Loco Shed areas and these now look more like the original Yeovil East, there is still a long way to go though. Ken over the last two Tuesday meetings has scattered scenic grass over the branch line and main line routes and either side of the road past the turntable. He has been ably assisted in this by a number of the club members all of whom I think will agree that this is not as difficult as it first appears and a satisfactory appearance can be obtained with relatively little prior knowledge.

All the members who will be attending the exhibition at Bristol have had a short training session on the DCC driver control and it is hoped that this Tuesday (Sept 28th) we can set the whole layout up, and test run.

Prior to this on Monday daytime, and Tuesday afternoon, Keith and Graham will be installing and testing the points control panel so that if there are any problems they can be sorted before the exhibition.

Friday night the layout will be collapsed and loaded onto the trailer ready for a not quite so early 8am start off to Bristol.

(Thanks for the report Keith)

On October 5th, we had a constructive meeting to talk about experiences of the Exhibition at Bristol. Although there were a few mishaps, it was felt in general that it was good weekend, and much was learned by being there. We now have more ideas to improve the layout, in time for the next exhibition in November at North Petherton.  

 If you have any comments to add to the Club Room page, please let Graham or Bill have the details. 


The Plan Yeovil East

 based on a love of yeovil but first built in Sunbury now in Taunton Somerset 

Yeovil East to Yeovil Pen Hill with a Branch to Yeovil Henford Cross   

Stock from GWR LMS Southern


1 st. done

2nd. done

2A . Rebuild Yeovil East baseboards and track. work in hand

3rd. Henford Cross build track base and lay track ( on hold until we have new club room)

4th. Pen Hill west and east hill building

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