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GWR QUIZ page 2 Feb 10th 2021

Week 6

Q 1. What was the first section of the broad gauge to be converted to 4ft 81/2in gauge in 1869?


Q 2. In 1855 R Stevenson & Co built ten engines for work on the South Wales Railway, which was operated by the GWR. In what way were they unique?


Q 3. When the through broad gauge route from Paddington to Penzance was completed in 1867 the section from Truro to Penzance was of mixed gauge from the start. Why?


Q 4. In 1905 new corridor stock around 70ft long and 9ft 6in wide was introduced, with entry through end and centre doors and with high elliptical roof. What was its nickname?


Q 5. Who was the first reigning sovereign to travel on the Great Western Railway?


Q 6. How was the interval between trains maintained before the general introduction of the block telegraph


Q 7. Which CME was born in Swindon, worked all his life in the works and died in the town?

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