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Questions and previous weeks answers will be published here on Tuesdays.

Page 1. Weeks 1 to 5

Week 1

Q 1. What was the name of the GWR terminus at Cheltenham Spa ? 

A . St James


Q 2. What was the first GWR engine to be named after a stately home ?

A. Saint class 4-6-0 No 2931 Arlington Court


Q 3. What principal river valleys were generally followed by Brunel in laying out the route between London and Bristol ?

A. Thames and Avon


Q 4. Although most coaches built by the GWR for its opening in 1838-41 were carried on six wheels, a few four - wheel luxury saloons were built in which the lower part of the body was narrowed to fit between the broad gauge wheels, and the centre doorway was carried into the clerestory roof. What were they called ?

A. Posting saloons


Q 5. What was the fastest journey time between London and Bristol on the opening of the GWR throughout in 1841 ?

A. 4 hours 10 mins by the night mail including 10 stops.


Q 6. Soon after its opening the GWR adopted a form of board signal which gave positive stop and proceed indications. What was it called ?

A. Disc and Crossbar.


Q 7. Which manager of the Carriage and Wagon Works and Chief Assistant to Dean went on to become the best - known locomotive superintendent of another pre - grouping company, deriving ideas for his ten 4-2-2s from Dean's work ?

A. James Holden.


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