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Plan for 2018 part 2

We have opened the new teaching at TTMRC these modules are open to all members and non members. We are pleased to introduced these low cost teaching modules and hope to pass on the skill to you. All module can be booked over the phone call 01823327155 between 9am and 9pm any day of the week save Wednesday.

Plan for 2018

Yeovil East, our 00 gauge layout will continue, I will not give a plan of work for this as the plan has never been achieved before, so it will be done as we can BUT this year should see plenty of scenic work.

Report on Plan for 2017

Plan for 2017. THE LAYOUT.

1. Due to the donation of the insulation we are fitting this during months, to be completed by end of March 17.

2. add point motors to all points under the new branch line to be called Henford Cross.                                         underway

2a. Form the Branch line level 2. planned

3 Form the Hill scape over the middle of Pen Hill. planned, started underway

4 Plaster the ground cover and add colour and textures.                                                                         Yeovil east area in hand

5 Restore and resite all existing buildings and reinstall back scenes.                                                          Yeovil area in hand underway



still underway

Track laid

still underway

To be started

still underway

6 Build new buildings for Pen Hill and Henford Cross areas 

7 Reinstall the computer command system.

to be planned

2 screens to be installed

in planning

still underway

PLAN for the building

build the lobby planned and under way redesign in hand

install heating unit planned and approved redesign in hand

install new ring main and lighting units planned and under way redesign in hand

install the new loo. planned and under way redesign in hand

planned and under way

planned and approved

planned and under way

planned and under way

redesign in hand

redesign in hand

redesign in hand

redesign in hand

REPORT on 2017

Work has been done but the above plan has a long way to be complete.

We still need new members but we will not close down for a lack of them, we are having far too much enjoyment to just give up so onwards and upwards into 2018.


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