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Club plans for 2013.


Work on the new clubroom so we can:-

Set up and install "Yeovil East" in the new Club room and add the "Pen Hill" section, convert to ( DCC ). Complete all works. This will be the first year's major job.

INVITE NEW MEMBER to join us, It will be a meeting of friends

As we have a lady member, Pat will be helping me in all areas of the Club and has been very active with the ALC project. I hope that we will be able to attract more ladies to join us, as I am sure that Ladies can bring an extra to our miniature making world.     

Clubroom opening WEDNESDAY 10 to 4 and 7 to 10.

This year will see TTMRC stronger , active and going forward and taking its place in the world of railway modeling from its new base THE ART LINE CENTRE in SOMERSET 

some work and some play some help, but most of all FUN! 

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