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Yeovil East has Plans.

Yeovil East has Plans.

Yeovil East Goods depot

We have been testing the buildings in place before starting the renovations of the buildings, the main area for repair is the chimney pots. All club members at last night's meeting tried their hand at turning new chimney pots this worked well, each pot is only 6mm long .

date 8 june 2016

Yeovil East

High street

8 june 2016

Action in the yard.

a brand new Foden has just tipped its load , the driver and the lads are having a brue in the tea hut.

8 June 2016

Taken before the yard area is plastered.

This is the next area to be plastered.

Yeovil East Station

Looking towards the high street.

Gas works to the right of the station canopy.

8 June 2016

The box is due for a rebuild.

The G.W.R. loco shed.

Yeovil East is a sheared with the Southern but they have not yet built there loco shed the foundations are in and work will start , ( when I get time )

8 June 2016 

From the loco shed.

towards the timber yard.

The A4 is Mallard and is waiting to take its excursion back to the north east as the time is 1946 she should be in war time black but I have been waiting for good warm weather before doing the respray to war time black.

the ice cream tub is full of ballast and makes a good buffer stop .

8 June 2016

NEW PHOTOs Will be added below soon

At last night's meeting it was agreed to rebuild the Station area to become our Exhibition layout. This was agreed without any dissent at all ( well tony is our Money carrier so he agreed to some of club funds going into this project). The whole meeting thought this would be a far more useful build than a special demo layout that would only have use at shows.

The Plan is to rebuild the Yeovil East sections from the floor up, 2 minor track adjustments to improve the Station operation. As the layout was first planned in 1970, it may be that the first builder would be pleased to see the redesign. BUT all of his Buildings will be retained and reused with maybe some careful restoration. The look will be the same but with track and operation improvements.

Operation at Exhibition will be DCC and when at home DC. To maintain the current method a changover loom will be built to connect all sections for DCC operation .

Our existing loco stock will be converted with addition dcc sockets to recive ZTC plugin chips 4007 or Bachmann as standard for exhibition use and removed for use at home. ( Details of how we do this will be posted later but tender loco will have the plug mounted to the underside of the tender so that we only have to unplug the chip and add the blanking plug).

The plan will be posted as soon as it agreed so keep looking as we are off again ! 

RESToRATION of Yeovil East Station

The existing Layout Buildings will be carefully restored where required and improved with extra detailing but its is important to make it clear that this work needs to retain the existing charm of the layout and not to rebuild it as we please !

Report from the Design bench

The design for the rebuild is being drawn on my computer. The survey was done on a test using two large tapes measures, which I placed along the whole layout and the other at right angles across the layout. Then a photo was taken along the layout. The photo showed the two tapes as a grid, which gave me all the data required to draw the layout. If you have to survey a layout this method has worked well for me.

The cad package is very old but my add-ons mean it is simple and fast but easy to alter. Should you require any info on the cad please contact Graham.

After schedule run testing the Station throat was found to be very slow so the new plan will address this problem. The layout will be rebuilt on 3'6"x 5'-6" boards to give the extra length to the approach. This is my first report and as soon as the plan is complete I will post it on this page so keep looking

THIS at last is the PLAN for the rebuild of Yeovil East

The colur code for the above Plan

RED outbound route.

BLUE inbound route.

GREEN 2 way Branch.

BUILD UPDATE Monday the 8 March will be Start DAY with the timber bing delivered


BUILD PROGRAM and update for Yeovil East

 I will add new pics each night at around 10.15

if its GREEN it done

So far the time has been taken up by checking all dimensions and quality improvements.

The build will now be full steam ahead

1 Planning is finished

3 Cut sundela board

5 Assemble baseboards

2 Build baseboard jig 

á Cut timber for frames 

6 FORM contours 


I am aboutÝ days behind but Track laying is underway!!

7 Lay Track                               

8 WIRE for dcc control 

9 Some scenic work10 TEST track     

11 Add New Platforms and cattle dock, 

12 Remove existing buildings refit on new layout

13 TESTING IN DCC MODE 1 days to exhibition 

14 ADD new backscenes day of exhibition 

15 FULL TEST at EXHIBITION ok so I am a bit behind  




There have been some slight build required changes to the Plan but thats building a replacment. I feel this is be a true copy but it will work much faster at an exhibition so the guests will see trains moving and gain more of a taste of what a day at a terminus would be.

More photos around 6pm tonight.

TUESDAY report posted 22.31

Today has seen a leap of progress on the layout. Many members have turned in today and 99% of the tracks are laid - only 3yrds left to lay to complete the gas works yard.

Board joints have been fixed for two of the three joints. Every member has been working very hard and it is all looking good. More photos will be taken and posted by 9.30 tomorrow night.  

This weekend work

 BUT MONDAY will be even better to check on my work !

MONDAYs work

Club day work report ( 20.04.2010. )

After a good number of day members, the night members were able to make a good show.

The total of work today: all platforms have been cut rebated and fitted , all track has been laid and the gasworks area has been laid out with buildings, the signaling has been agreed and marked ( the layout will be fully light signalled ),the rise past the front the station building has been formed. The branch ramp has been Modroked. I think that this was a very good day. Oh yes, all power feed holes have been drilled and point motor holes have been piloted. So I will say good night but remember there will be more photos posted after 7pm Wednesday and every day from now to the Exhibition.  

Wednesday's Photo report.( 21.04.2010. )

22 April report

22.35 Todays progress has been good. I have been installing ash pits so the router has been hard at it , clouds of dust but work goes on - no time to stop. Will start first thing and hope to add plaster during the day. Chat and more photos in the next report .

23rd. April Report

Today has been a bit on the slow side but ash pits have been installed - here's is the proof.

24th April Report

Todays work has been testing, bonding plastcard to mdf, (ok I know it not green but did I say I was ) so not a lot to show . The loco shed has been outlined with balsa ready for plastering . This should be on photos on my next report

Items completed are All track is laid

All board Joints have be made and cut

The turntable well is installed and may be working by Tuesday night

The new Parcels shed is under construction. It is now 23.39 and I need my bed so NN to all.

During Tuesday we will start the wiring

SORRY - I have been working but there is not a lot to show you, all small bits and bobs - will do better with the next report .

26 th. April report with photos

GOOD NEWS one of our members wives has agreed to paint the new back scenes

Today we have been working on plastering on the corner boards so things are taking shape at last - see the photos below .

 Gas works from over the the station canopy

Loco shed before plastering. 

Same area after plastering

Turntable area after plastering

27th. April report

This report will be posted between 17.00 and 18.00 hrs uk local time.

OK I am sorry this report was missed ! I was flat out all day and only just had time to stop for dinner . 

29th. APRIL update Report

Boards 3 & 4 have been supply power wired

Backscenes have been watered and will be cut and primed today.

Also I hope to fit point motors to boards 3 & 4 today

I am very pleased to say the level of support from the members has been very good Thanks to you all.

29th. April Report of the day

21.40 just finished working and the yettie has gone home Today has been point motors and t-blocks Stuart has been very good taking on boring jobs and Tea making there is never a no from him

Anyway let me show you the latest pic.

1 st. May Report

Stuart and I have been at it most of the day: board 4 has only 3 more point motors to fit, most are fitted and tested. It's good when a plan comes together. Well this time next week the layout will have been shown to the world for the first time here in Taunton and I will be able to take a rest. This has been the fastest build program I have ever tried to complete and it is going well. We will have trains to run and you will be able to see how we have built the layout.

Bill has found a great tool to help ballasting on sale for the first time at the Bristol exhibition and has got one for the club. We have tried it and Stewart has made a good and fast job with it.

SO THANKS BILL . Bill will try to add a short report on the BRISTOL Show when I give him time. He has been a good helper and is one of my supports to achieve this goal. Next Week will be the tester .

I sorry but I am falling asleep here, so off to bed and some zzzzzzzzz and up with the pigeons or Morrisons lorries - more to do and another report tomorrow. Well nnto you all g.

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2nd. May Report only 6 Days to the exhibition

Sunday and I am still at it but seem to be very slow so I am going to have the night off.

Today has seen the fitting of more point motors and testing, all working well. I have designed the fiddle yard and will be building it Monday pm. I hope to make a good start on the wiring to boards 2 and 1: I hope 4 hrs will cover this ,but we will see how it goes. This week will bring my panic to and end with the exhibition.

Jobs left that must be done :- 1 cut legs 2 complete wiring looms 3 fit locos with chips 4 pack stock for exhibition oh yes 1000 other small jobs So I hope a good night sleep will be mine.

I must add a bit to the Exhibition page

3rd. May just 4 working days left.

Today I have been helped by Keith. Boards 4 & 3 are almost finished with 3 point motors on 1 and 2 on the other .

The DCC board joints are in and tested, with all dcc terminal blocks fitted and ready to go. The legs are cut to size. Just boards 2 & 1 to wire should be up for a test at the evening meeting with a bit of luck.

So ttfn or nn I am off to bed - more chat later after the meeting  

á th May sorry no report I am just too tired !!!!!!!

5th MAY report

Just finished for tonight 20.59. Today Keith, Bill and Les from Boston all worked hard. Only 2 point motors to to fit to board 2 , 5 and board 3 so we are getting closer.

The job list is getting smaller but slowly - BUT WORKING IT WILL BE .

6th. May Only one day to go

Yes this will be my last report before the exhibition, as all hell turns on as soon as I awake.

Printing to collect and the car and trailer.

Fiddle yard to build - oh yes just a few wires to run from the boards to point control.

SOMEhow it will be working at the show - hope to see you there. If you have enjoyed these reports and you are coming to the show please come and say hi or send an email.

After the show I will add reports Wednesday and Friday to keep you in the loop.

Good night for tonight Graham.

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Foot Note

The 6 Weeks Build program was short but we will be working trains even without a fiddle yard - sorry lads but time ran out

REPORT after the show Sunday 17.00. MONDAY 

Sunday I am still asleep so when I wake up I will bring you up to date nn.


I have been to bed but am still very slow!!! . SHORT REPORT we made it to the show and it worked. Well done to all the club members who picked up the baton as I came to a stop.

I will post a longer report Tuesday pm with photos

20.05.10. The work starts again.

The exhibition is over and its back to work I will post regular reports here to keep you up to date with photos.

From the exhibition we have learnt many things, first that dcc was the right control system for exhibitions as it is far less to go wrong , the layout had a quick track test Friday night and at the show it worked all day without any problems by a team who had never used ZTC dcc controls before.

On with the work. I will be working on to get the layout ready for the Bristol Show in October - details will be published here soon.

Sunday 23rd May Report.

After a good rest it back to work. I was very pleased that the layout worked all day with only 1 issue, a very small section of track did NOT work - it had no wires, so it could not work and the platforms were built without checking the size of a GWR king - oops! Well I will soon put that right and add that wire then.

Tony has suggested that we should have a work plan ( a list of jobs to be done ) and I agree, so very soon I will post it here for you all to read. MEMBERS please note if you can do any jobs on the list please sign for it in the clubroom. The layout represents the club so we all must have a try , if you get it wrong u can do it again hehe !

Report 26 May

We have been on the cad drawing board and have agreed the design and size of the new DC control panel for Yeovil East .

DCC Exhibition wiring for the points and the x-bus are being installed and we have been driver testing under DCC Control. It is all going well.

The next big job will be after the control panel is built and it will be to move the old "YE2" sections out and the New in, so things are moving on well - we been a bit slow recovering after the Exhibition

Report - 26th September


Well its been FOUR MONTHS since the last update, and for all those members unable to attend meetings, and all our friends from further afield who just can’t get to the meetings, here is what has been happening.

As you are all aware Graham has had to move from the flat above the shop, and the layout is now temporarily housed in my (Keith's) Garage: because of this progress has been slow but with an exhibition now just SIX days away things are beginning to happen.

Last week Steve and Keith painted and weathered large amounts of the station and Loco Shed areas and these now look more like the original Yeovil East, there is still a long way to go though. Ken over the last two Tuesday meetings has scattered scenic grass over the branch line and main line routes and either side of the road past the turntable. He has been ably assisted in this by a number of the club members all of whom I think will agree that this is not as difficult as it first appears and a satisfactory appearance can be obtained with relatively little prior knowledge.

All the members who will be attending the exhibition at Bristol have had a short training session on the DCC driver control and it is hoped that this Tuesday we can set the whole layout up, and test run.

Prior to this on Monday daytime, and Tuesday afternoon, Keith and Graham will be installing and testing the points control panel so that if there are any problems they can be sorted before the exhibition.

Friday night the layout will be collapsed and loaded onto the trailer ready for a not quite so early 8am start off to Bristol.


㺒th May 2011 it was agreed that Full ownership of "Yeovil East" should return to G Warner

to continue this as his own layout for display or operation with frends.

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