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TAUNTON TOWN Model Railway Club

       You are never too young (or too old) to enjoy model railways


Tree making at the club is lead by Pat and Ann who have made over 300 so far, we still need many more so if you feel like having a go come along and chat to Pat.

Our method for making trees was based on research from books by Gordon Gravett with our add ons into the mix.

The method is not fast and takes time, but the trees are fantastic  and a true work of art.

Pat has made a step by step guide booklet should you want to do it at home.

Come to the club and try your hand you may be an artist.  

WOOD LANE COTTAGE    before the refit.

This is how shop trees can look as used around Wood lane cottage and the turn table.

We will now remove the existing trees and replace with our club made trees 

I hope you will see a difference.


CLICK the middle of this photo and the one above TO ENLARGE .

Wood Lane Cottage with all shop trees removed and the new pond dug out. 

Above pic shows the cottage with the plaster work with a coat of primer and a test fit of the first 3 trees.

Next step we will tone down the earth colour and add the new grass.

 The pond will take a few weeks to complete but should look good when done.

The shots below are of this area at this time, hope you enjoy.


WOOD LANE COTTAGE       STAGE 2      coming soon

Stage 2 

Well the pound is not going very well as we are trying to use the stuff for making waterfalls NOT ponds or rivers so may start again on that one. One of the good thing about building this kind of scene is if its not right , just take it out and try again 

This Page is to show just one skill you could learn at the club.

Tree making at this level is an art form.