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TAUNTON TOWN Model Railway Club

       You are never too young (or too old) to enjoy model railways


NEWS 17th JANUARY 2018

   Buildings for Henford Cross area many more building's to come.

Two Plate layers huts 

The left was made and not painted.

The right has been painted and weathered and detailed, both kits were free with Railway Modeller both will be built into the Henford Cross area.

Last night we were track testing the ramps too and from Henford Cross with passenger and freight stock. This new area will add many new operations to the layout, and give the need for banking loco's to be used, testing the drivers skills to push and not spin it has proved to be fun to do and interesting to watch.

We will try to make a video soon, but will put both loco's together for the film.

Track work in the Henford Cross area has been finished we now must install the point motors to complete the technical side.

Over the next 2 meetings we will be making removable coal loads for the coal trains from the mine.

NEWS 10th JANUARY 2018

Well that big hol is all over and done so let's get to the FUN side of life.

Railway modelers in this club are proud to be a part of this highly educational 

hobby. On TV last week they said we are the second most popular pastime in the uk, that's as may be. We are the most productive hobby in the world, with the lowest accident rate of any pastime. Here at TTMRC you can learn any part of this wonderful hobby so come and join us and put us to the test!

OK that's the add over. Over the holidays we did not close so lots of work has been done. Henford Cross is coming on well and the coal mine has been sited, it will need some TLC but this we can do.

To the many visitors who have popped in may I thank you for your encouragement, you will always be welcome here. 

Planning for the Palthorps factory is underway and the plans i hope to have at club by the end of the month, then we can start the build.


NEWS 27/28th. December 2017

We have connected Henford Cross to Yeovil East via the Bridge and the back two roads.

This shot was staged just for 1 member or maybe 2 (LMS fans)

and will never be repeated! LOL.

NEWS 18th. December 2017

    During last Sunday's meeting the track to and from the big bridge was connected.This was the first train to cross in testing.

   When the next reverse loop unit arrives the service from Yeovil East to Henford Cross can start.

    The next section of track to be laid will be the two hidden roads to Henford Cross from Yeovil East.

NEWS 14th. December 2017

Wednesday's planning of the rewire to Yeovil East has given more questions than answers, So i will think some more before we start this work.

Since we have rewired the Pen Hill and holding roads the whole layout is working as it should without problems!  more to be added  

NEWS 12th. December 2017

During Sunday Graham and Pat have completed the rewire to Pen Hill and Henford Cross areas, all is working well.

The next area to be worked on is Yeovil East and this area will be planed this Wednesday am and work will start as soon as pos but the layout will be working fully Wednesday night, this work should not interrupt the running of the layout for members.

We are pleased with the first test results so far.

NEWS 6th. December 2017

The work being carried out by Taunton Controls ltd is having a good result. Graham is hoping to complete the Pen Hill area by Sunday

NEWS 3rd. December 2017

We have been track laying in the Henford Cross area, this is taking time as the track is being laid on cork underlay.  The cork is being pinned not glued as the design may be changed or just adjusted after testing.

The picture below shows this work ongoing and now the double slip is in place with the two factory sidings.

TAUNTON CONTROLS LTD are running tests to see if they can reduce the number of runaways we get on this layout. They are hoping to have Zones a.b.c & d working for the next meeting, and then start on Yeovil East.  

NEWS 20th November 2017

The required point-work has arrived from "Track Shack" and will be ready to install next Wednesday. Last Wednesday we fitted the base board to complete the full upper deck ready to connect Henford Cross to "Yeovil East" at last.


The new track laying is going very well and will hopefully be well on next Wednesday. Track is powered but the frogs still need to be wired.

We are still waiting for 2 more points to arrive to finish the Henford Cross area.


Henford Cross is born and work has started on this small but interesting area. This branch line will have three main features, the station and yard, the Palethorpes factory and a Coal mine.

The station will be a small branch station with a bypass line, the yard will have a goods shed with road access.

The factory will dominate the whole area and be sited in the foreground, this will be a 3 story, Victorian building with a boiler house at the rear and 2 sidings.

The Coal mine will be in the far corner of the layout over my work station.

Track laying is going well, an engineers train has delivered some track to this area just over the new bridge. 



The garden layout will go ahead, we will start work in the spring 2018 with ground clearing and then move on to the landscaping and planting.

Building the signal box is next moving onto track laying and then soft planting to complete.

It sounds oh so simple BUT it's going to be a lot of hard work so we invite any one who can give time to help with this work a first year free membership as a thank you for your help.

Our plan is to start the work next spring 2018. We will get in a mini digger for a week to clear the site and prepare the soil then move on to the landscaping. If we can have a list of volunteers who will give days or a day, then we can plan the week to make the best of the digger.  PLEASE PLEASE let Pat know if you can help and how many days you will be able to attend in that week.

The site as it is today


Yeovil East Station is having a platform extension as has Waterloo, yes platform 1 is being extended to take 6 car trains. Platform 1 will be for departures only, as the movement will be inbound to platform 2,3 and 4 and outbound from all 4. Platform 1 will have empty stock movement from platforms 2,3 and 4 into platform 1 ready for departure


Last night we started to extend the supports for the baseboard for HENFORD CROSS STATION AND YARD this will be the last area of new track laying to be added to this layout, hope to have the track working before the spring.

This area of track will be laid on chamfered cork on ply, should look very interesting.

This has been a good news week report, bought to you by Pat and Graham, we will report again soon so keep looking.

NEWS 4th. OCTOBER 2017

Wood lane cottage is replanted just the hedges to make and plant and the cottage to be restored.

More pic of this area on the trees page.


Once again I am sorry for a lack of news but I am a forgetful old fool.

Work on the layout has been going well and some scenic work has been progressed SEE the tree page Wood lane cottage has a pond and Our trees are  being fitted. I will post again after our coffee morning tomorrow.

NEWS 5th June. 2017

A new loco was brought into service this week. " KENLEY "

The last new loco is below No.7788

1946/1947 mid summer over Yeovil East station and gas works

The roller is working on a pot hole only reported yesterday !!!

NEWS 16th June. 2017

Is this a " pathway to heaven" or can it be or should we "LET IT BE"

answers on a post card please as you are all on your hols.

End of May and into June the year is going so fast with lots going on at the club but all you members have gone on your hols, have a good time. We will keep going till you all come back.

Next work program in the club will be setting out the *HENFORD CROSS* section starting on Wednesday the 28th June.

In the mean time we will be working on the lobby.

NEWS 12th. May. 2017

Last Sunday was our open day with 3 layouts in the car park, a display of model aircraft and my son's Harley. During the day we had friends from Dulverton who came in a vintage Austin 12,

so lots of eye candy for everyone, well it was very good for me anyway.

My thanks to the new Sedgmore O gauge group for bringing their O gauge test track and my friends from Shepton Mallet for their 2 layouts plus a big thanks to Carol for the wonderful food and all the teas she made for us, THANKS to all who gave their time to help us.   

NEWS 2nd. May. 2017


After 4 days of testing, checking and thinking we have found the track problem.

The insulation was a fantastic gift BUT heat had closed up the reverse loop gaps giving a short when the room became hot and no short when cold. All is now working as it should be.

NEWS 30th. April. 2017

coming soon

NEWS 13th. April. 2017

News, well, where do I start. First I am sorry for the delay in posting this update but I have been up to my neck in it.

We have had a meeting with the new O gauge group, Sedgmore O gauge group and have agreed to stage an open day at our club with their test track in the car park and later on to hold an exhibition in North Petherton next year, Barry and Stan have also offered to bring 2 other layouts for the day, so it should be a very interesting day.

Due to sickness and general decay membership is now very low, we could do with a few more members! Will you bring a friend or neighbour with you, Talk to any one, remember, we do not have a ban on ladys so bring your girlfriend ( and Girls - bring your boyfriend)

Pat and I hope we can gain some extra members but just want others to enjoy the club as much as we do. If you want to run trains and do not have the room then come along and meet us soon.

Work on the layout is going well after the insulating job. I hope that the work on Yeovil East will be complete in the next week with the holding roads and Pen Hill all working before MAY 7th!

Below is the proposed look of the new chilled shed for Pen Hill yard.

The proposed look of the new child distribution shed at Pen Hill yard.

My first designed looked out of scale for 1946 so with a combinations of existing buildings joined together gives an interesting looking building, hope you agree. 

The new building will be planned on anyrail and if approved will be built on a ply base with plasticard facings walls the roofs will be ply with tile strips, working features  will be working shutter doors on the rail entrees, and to the left hand loading dock for road use. 

NEWS 26th. March. 2017

my phone camera is not talking to my computer so Pat will be taking some new shots for us.

Last Sunday the broken point in the loco yard was changed and rewired and is running well at very slow speeds. After installing that new point i went on to work on other points that need attention in the north yard, we will be working our way round the layout to check all points as the number of spikes must be stopped.

We will be looking at the plan for "Henford Cross" as I hope we will make a start very soon ( hopefully within the next 4 weeks). We have the cork underlay in stock as this has been donated with a lot of stock for us to sell, all dcc fitted and some with sound, we hope the donor will become a regular member as he needs a 'train running fix' as do the rest of us and cannot do it at home due to downsizing.    

NEWS 24th. March. 2017

This Wednesday we received the power sockets ready for the new ring main to remove the need for extension leads. Next Wednesday the cable will be delivered.

We started the day with a tidy up to make more room and now the new loo is full!

My Plan for work to the clubroom over the next few months is to build the lobby and to install the new power ring main, then the boileroom and finish with the loo and the drain. THIS is the plan but it is subject to change!

After the tidy up trains were tested and many spikes were found. Spikes shorten the life of loco chips so an investigation was held, the points were found to be the main cause so all points are to be inspected and upgraded if required. The second biggest cause of spikes is signalman NOT double checking the route. Loco's coming to the back of a point that is closed to it will cause a spike. 

Will all members (me included) PLEASE PLEASE look and look again at routes before giving the all clear to the driver.  STOP LOOK and LISTEN. The lack of loco's on duty is down to the workshop being stacked with sick locos, sick of spikes.

GOOD News John B and his wife are on the mend, we all send our best wishes to them.

During the evening meeting the point inspection found that a point in the loco yard had lost its spring, it has been removed and will be replaced this Sunday.


NEWS 16th. March. 2017

The covers are off and we have to make a few repairs.
BUT my car had an upset Tuesday late afternoon on my way home. RAC had to come to the rescue and take the car to Wellington to be repaired, today it came home all better again, so this is my way of saying sorry for not being open Wednesday.

NEWS 10th. March. 2017

Sorry no photo this report but my windows phone seems to have fallen out with my computer so I will ask Pat to take some new shots for us.

Well it has been wonderful to see trains moving again, only 2 faults to repair after the work. The repairs will be put in hand next Sunday.

GOOD NEWS we have received a GWR Hall class loco with sound from Marcus, Thanks very much. 

NEWS 5th. MARCH. 2017

Sunday 5th March has been tidy up and resite the fridge into the kitchen area. Move the big filing cabinet to the end of the kitchen units, turn the shelved to stand alongside the filing cabinet turn the two seater and the heater goes back to the wall. 

We still have a lot of work inside the clubroom to do but for the next few weeks the layout is our work area.


NEWS 13th. FEBRUARY 2017

No work was done on Sunday as the temperature was too low.

We hope that the scaffolders will be starting on friday for us to start on Tuesday 21st.  Wednesday 22nd.  ANY and ALL help will be most welcome!   


Today was in 2 parts daytime and nighttime so far so good but by the end of the night I was very tired. I still feel like a nap, the report is on the insulating project page. so please have a look.

NEWS 29th January 2017

This Sunday was wet so i put the books back onto the shelves.

The tea station is still open.

NEWS 25th January 2017

 posted  29.01.17. 

All hail the insulation and get your leg over Graham

NEWS 18th January 2017

Last night we fitted the lining boards around the last corner  the home straight is underway. With only 3 club days in January left I may miss my target but the question is by how much ?  I hope it will be done very soon but keep looking.

NEWS 16th January 2017

Yes it's true I have gone round the last bend, and the end of the last wall is in sight, we only then have the roof to do, so we may be all done by the end of January as I had hoped.

NEWS 11th January 2017

This week has been full steam ahead with good progress on both days with lots of help, thanks to all. The evening team last night installed the kitchen units and moved the books ready for the assault on the last wall. 

Sunday we will make a start with removal of the book shelves to be resited over the worktop, then the removal of the existing boards ready to receive the insulation boards.  PLEASE NOTE WILL THE LIBRARIAN PLEASE GET BETTER AS SOON AS, WE WILL NEED YOU BACK HERE VERY SOON !!!!!!!! OK.   

We must thank John B for his cake !!.

NEWS 4th January 2017  take this link

The TEA station is still working.

NEWS 2nd. January 2017

The hard slog of installing the insulation is on going.

3 walls almost completed, the plastic sheeting is all down.

Kitchen units have been moved to the other end, the books are next, ho ho what fun. The GOOD news, the TEA station is still working. But as the layout is covered no

trains can run. 

Message from West Camel Club

To all.


Today has marked my 65th year in railway modelling, so we all worked hard and enjoyed fresh cream cake !!!! 

Yes 65 years in railway modelling and still enjoying every part of this wonderful hobby and the club is still improving with us. Pat has added an extra depth to the quality of our models and Pat and Ann's  trees are  beyond my hopes, thanks to you both. 

Installing the insulation has put a stop to work on the layout until that job is done, but the name of "cow shed" will become the "cosy cow shed "  I hope.

The evening team worked to tea time then cleaned the track and had a run till 10.10 which was, for me, a great end to a brilliant day at the club.My thanks to all who helped me celebrate my land mark. 

NEWS 9th November 2016.

Daytime meeting 2 really good runs with some moves never tried before very interesting and enjoyed by all, plus a good level of fun and banter.

Evening meeting started with a teaching on AnyRail all went well with a good run after tea. We hope that Sunday's meeting will get some more work on West hill. 

NEWS 2nd November 2016

The west hill under construction, timber, steel and it's all coming together . Tunnel mouth can be seen beyond the balsa retaining wall of the cutting. Plasticard will be added to this base layer and plaster bandage will be applied to the chicken wire which is fixed to the steel frame. Just above the two portals you can see the track bed being formed, the upper portal will be where the branch line will cross the cutting on a girder bridge coming through to where this photo was taken. 

NEWS 19th October 2016

After a week away on a sun drenched beach called Woolacombe  I have found it hard to get my working head back on . Yesterday's meetings were very busy with visitors and members, trains flying here and there. By the end of the day I felt very happy and ready for bed, so goodnight chat again next week.

NEWS  7th October 2016

Back to a working day and night Wood Lane bridge has been excavated so that buses can run through. We hope to replaster Wood lane and the new road to pen Hill yard during the next 2 meetings.

after our short trip to Devon we hope to be refreshed and ready to improve this reports each week.  Hope to see you SUNDAY. 

NEWS 30th September 2016

A very good night with 12 operators on the layout working the new schedule as our friends from Culm Valley club joined us for the evening.. All went very well, 2 mod to the schedule were needed and a mystery power fault to find but all in all a good night. We hope they will come again soon.

The Pen Hill yard re-lay has been well received and the new plan seems to work. We only need the new cold transfer shed to be built, may be a job for me on those cold winter nights coming soon, maybe. 

The time spent testing has been time well spent as the track has worked well. Stock and some Kaydees  need some adjusting in the next few days then maybe we can move on to more fun work with the scenery at last .  

NEWS 14th September 2016 

This week has seen many improvements and YES another change to Pen Hill yard , well last week's report started me thinking and the yard now has direct access to the branch line but the whole yard has been relayed, time and testing well prove if I have it right. We are looking forward to our friends from Clum Valley club making a visit to us on the 28th of this month. 

NEWS 7th September 2016

Will my new work plan to split TC work and TTMRC work has been very good for both  club work and updating this website as you can see has become regular at last.

This week has seen more track improvements in Pen Hill yard to give a run round in the yard to save time on the main line when empty "palethorpe" are dropped off on the main line. This yard was planned to be a loco service yard but as time and testing has proved that this yard will serve as a "palethorpe" distribution yard with loaded stock coming down from the  Henford Cross  factory and reloaded in the new goods shed for distribution to the system.

Only testing will prove this plan and again it may need to be tweaked again.

Another train of thought has just puffed into my brain station, ? could the branch line go into this yard without going on to the down main, time will tell.

NEWS 24th August 2016

This has been a very busy week for Pat and I so not much work on the layout but we enjoyed two good running sessions trying some new moves with good operation. We are giving the loco dept. and turntable to controller 1 with route setting. It seemed to be a lot but we managed.

My control plan is that Signalmen have an area as in life but Drivers will change across many trains as required to keep stock moving, testing will see if this will work.

NEWS 17th August 2016

This week testing and training on turntable operation and point frog wiring have been done today. the member are happy with the control of the turntable. 

NEWS 15th AUGUST 2016

TURNTABLE is in and working, the drive kit is working with a chip (ZTC 255) throw the ZTC 611 controller and the the track is powered from the ZTC 550 booster, the speed is very controllable and I hope that we will NOT need to index the bridge. Turntable operators will be trained and this will be how an assessment of the requirement for indexing will be made.


NEWS 4th August 2016

Proposed new bits !

Wood Lane will have a new road link into Pen Hill yard, also a plan to add a girder bridge to link the branch line over the tunnel mouths at the west end of the Pen Hill cutting.This will carry the branch line from one tunnel to another. I hope this will add to the visual interest in this area.

This week has seen a lot of work on the running schedule we are hoping that the schedule will be working by the time our friends from Clum Valley make a visit to us at the end of next month. The plan is to show the schedule on computer screens to inform the operators in place of a card system.

We have adjusted the height of all the Kadee magnets to improve the operation.


NEWS 29th July. 2016

This has been a very exciting month at the club and Sundays have given more time to work on the layout, track mod and improvements. All going very well.

During this month we have had operating sessions that have given life to the model and encouragement to Pat and I, leading me to think that this layout is becoming a living thing which the running schedule can only add to its character . Are we building just a model railway or a work of ART?  only YOU can be the judge of that, so come and meet us and tell us, JUST A RAILWAY or ART?    

News 15 July. 2016

We have extended the Sunday open time until 4pm. so come and join us.

news 8th July.

Having the Club open on Sundays has given more time for me to work on the details and testing how the buildings and the back scene work together. We can now work towards seeing Yeovil East nearing completion but we do not expect this to happen this year, there is a long way to go. 

If you find our reports interesting then you will be welcome at the club any Wednesday or Sunday so come and have a look.     

Good news 8th of May 2016

We have decided to try SUNDAY Meetings during this Summer so as from 22 

May 2016 we will open the clubroom from 10 am to 2 (but later if required )

This extra meeting is for existing and New members and any person that wishes to see how we enjoy this wonderful hobby also anyone who wants to 

 see ZTC controllers in action.

If you require any further info please ring Graham on 01823 327155

this line is open 9am to 9pm every day except for Wednesdays.

The extra meetings have been put to good use the buildings have been place tested and the plaster beads are being laid ready to plaster.